Blanton's Helps Locals Power Through with Generac Generators

When thunderstorms hit, power outages can wreak havoc


Aberdeen, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2017 -- Anyone who has taken a peek at the weather forecast knows there are plenty of chances for thunderstorms this month, mostly in the afternoon or evening. But that's nothing new here.

Folks who live in the Fayetteville area know thunder and lightning storms are a common occurrence throughout the summer. These powerful storms can knock out AC systems, requiring extensive repairs or professional air conditioning installation in Aberdeen, NC, and throughout the area.

Unfortunately, even though they are aware of these storms and the damage they can do, many homeowners wait until they lose power (and money) before considering the purchase of a generator. And while generators are an added expense, they allow homeowners to go about their daily routines uninterrupted, and they save money in the long run by preventing problems that a power outage can cause with AC, lighting and other appliances.

With a generator, homeowners don't have to worry about:
- Spoiled foods or medicines
- Uncomfortable living environment due to lost AC in the summer or no heat in the winter
- Security risks when the house is dark or the alarm system is inoperable
- Disruptions in day-to-day activities
- Loss of TV, the Internet, lights and, in some cases, running water

Blanton's Air, Plumbing and Electric offers reliable Generac® standby generators to ensure homeowners are never in the dark, dripping in sweat, freezing cold or inconvenienced in any other way because of a power outage. These workhorses turn on when the power goes out and transition back into standby mode when the power is restored. Blanton's team knows Generac units are reliable, affordable and efficient—the best on the market.

Here are some of the other reasons Blanton's recommends Generac:
- It's the No. 1 choice of homeowners.
- It runs on natural gas or LP fuel so there's no need to spend money on gasoline.
- There's no need for extension cords. The power feeds directly into the home.
- Generac customer support is first class—24/7/365.

Blanton's team of expert electricians will be with homeowners every step of the way, from purchase to installation to any necessary repairs down the road. Blanton's has the experience to guide homeowners through the purchase of a generator, making sure the size is just right and the installation and location are ideal.

With Blanton's, homeowners can take advantage of not just electrical services but a full range of repairs, replacements and installations in one convenient place. From heating and cooling repairs in Aberdeen, NC, to plumbing services in Fayetteville, NC, Blanton's is the go-to contractor that gets the job done efficiently, affordably and with customers' busy schedules in mind.

To schedule the purchase, installation or repair of a generator, contact Blanton's online or call 910-722-4052.

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