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Blinds Shop Online Reveals Secret to Reducing Home Cooling Costs

Blinds Shop Online presents various fabric awning options and their benefits


Pacific Paradise, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Queensland tends to have hot, humid summers and an average of 300 or more days each year of sunshine. For this reason, many homeowners in the region turn to Blinds Shop Online ( for assistance in selecting a fabric awning. Along with the many other Blinds Shop Online Products, such as roman and roller blinds, customers find the fabric awning range to be exactly what is needed to make their house a home.

"Customers often choose to purchase a straight drop fabric awning for the home as this style works in a variety of locations, requiring very little installation room. Others opt to go with an automatic lock arm awning or one featuring a drop arm awning. Blinds Shop Online ( staff remain available to help customers determine which style best meets their particular requirements," Steve Walton, company spokesperson, declares.

Many choose to install a fabric awning to increase the visual appeal of the residence, yet awnings offer numerous other benefits. Customers find energy costs decrease with the installation of an awning. Some studies show heat gain within the home may be reduced by as much as 77 percent, while sunlight and glare within the home decrease by up to 94 percent. As a result, customers find the cost of cooling the home drops by as much as 17 percent, depending on the local climate.

"Consider installing one or more fabric awnings in the home to reduce cooling costs. The homeowner obtains more control over the harsh sun while also restricting extreme weather conditions. Consider the automatic lock arm fabric awning which allows airflow while offering the above mentioned benefits," Walton explains.

The use of a fabric awning minimizes one's exposure to the harmful rays from the sun. In 2002, approximately 133,100 people in Queensland suffered from non-melanoma skin cancer, according to the Cancer Council Queensland. This figure accounts for 36 percent of all non-melanoma skin cancers in the country, although the population of Queensland accounts for only 19 percent of the country's total population.

"With the installation of one or more fabric awnings around the home, one finds they reduce the risk of skin cancer, sunburn, and more. Once one's health is gone, it may be gone forever. Don't risk this when fabric awnings help to prevent this serious medical condition. Another benefit is one looks younger as the skin remains protected from the sun," Walton declares.

Fabric awnings add value to the home by extending the outdoor living area, another benefit many homeowners tend to overlook. Home buyers love the extra space created by the addition of an awning, as this space accommodates a number of activities. This tends to be especially true small residences where space typically is at a premium.

"Consider the above benefits when determining if a fabric awning is right for the home. Many discover the awning is exactly what is needed to make the house a home," Walton proclaims.

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