Blizzard Has Already Announced Their New Plan for the New WOW Comic

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Guangdong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- The San Diego Comic Con International has finally launched recently. However, the reporter from website which is the top grade online WOW CD Key Store has sent us the information that the Blizzard has announced their new plan in the conference for peripheral products. This plan is about the new children's book series for World of Warcraft.

In the past, most of the works issued by Blizzard were mainly for the people whose ages are between adolescent to adult. In this time, this is the action which is Blizzard's first attempt to entering into the young product market.

The first book in this series has been called snow war which has been written by Chris Metzen and illustrations would be finished by Chinese artist Wang Wei. Chris Metzen has said that he ??had this idea for a long period of time. He looked at his little child who has grown with the development of World of Warcraft. However, his child was also very interested in this new series of cosmic for World of Warcraft.

The designer from website has said that this plan for the new series of WOW CD Key Store children cosmic would be a very good idea. This website has entered into the business for the selling about the Warcraft CD key for more than 5 years. If people want to buy Game Time Cards and Cheap CD Key, the website would be the best choice for them.

For illustrations, Metzen has though that Wang Wei's original illustrations are in the fine detailed type. This works for him are simply called the draft. Of course, this kind of style could be also made the fun of the children's programs step onto the next level.

Metzen has also said that although the characters in World of Warcraft would be very strange after they become the cartoon characters in children's books, they are still very passionate about this project. However, they hope that series of WOW cartoon will be welcomed in the future.

However, this new plan for WOW in San Diego Comic Con International would be the xbox live points new concept for the development of this game. This action would give people the reminder that the continuously progressing would be the most important ways for the development of a brand or the business. There are many elements in the game of WOW such as the WOW CD Keys. If the players want to purchase the Cheap CD Key, the website which has been referred before would be the best place for people to achieve their gold.