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Blocking Sleeves Thought to Be Protective Against RFID Theft


Manchester, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2016 -- Credit card thieves are everywhere, and they are always ready to victimize unsuspecting and vigilant consumers. The good news is that there are products such as card sleeves believed to be helpful in fighting fraudsters.

Blocking sleeves thought to be protective against RFID theft. One of the best things about this type of product is that it is inexpensive and is designed to deliver what it promises.

Some years ago, RFID chip cards were highlighted in many TV shows. They were perceived to be susceptible to fraudsters who use card skimming devices. These devices are designed to receive the radio waves from the RFID chip cards.

What crooks need to do is to simply get a few feet closer to the card. Consumers who are on the elevator, subway, and other crowded places can be victimized by electronic pickpockets.

Due to the widespread use of these card skimming devices, businesses have been making sleeves that can block signals from thieves.

According to card fraud experts, the risks are small compared to other card fraud techniques that are highly prevalent nowadays. Some of these techniques are hacking into databases for the purpose of stealing information or installing devices onto ATM slots to skim card data.

Justin McDonald, a senior risk management consultant with The Fraud Practice, which is an anti-fraud consulting company, reveals that while the threat of being victimized by RFID thieves is overblown, it does happen in real life.

Today, banking institutions are using cards with EMV chips. In the next few years, all credit and debit cards are expected to be EMV chip enabled.

While thieves can always develop new methods to steal personal and financial information from consumers, experts believe that with certain preventive measures, the crime rate related to identity theft could be reduced.

It is important for consumers to resort to preventive measures such as the use of RFID blocking sleeves to increase their protection against thieves.

Individuals who get victimized by fraudsters don't only lose money, but are also susceptible to wasting too much time clearing their names. There are many individuals who use these RFID blocking sleeves, and they find the product extremely helpful.

Individuals who usually travel via subways or elevators, or go to crowded places may find these sleeves extremely useful. They can be placed inside a wallet and are designed to protect credit and debit cards from skimming devices.

The RFID blocking sleeves are available at (

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