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Blog Predicts Revolution in Home Industry Because of 3D Printing Emergence

Business and technology research firm predicts that 3D printing will spark the home industry revolution in 2013. In a time of low employment and rising costs, eager first-time entrepreneurs will find the opportunity they need with 3D printing.


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- Why 3D printing will be the hottest business item of 2013 - predicts. 3D printing will help jumpstart small scale manufacturing and home-based businesses in 2013 - essentially causing the home industry revolution.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment figures have not improved since December 2012, and the U.S. is still faced with a 7.8% unemployment rate - the third worst in its history.

Essential living costs such as food and housing are also on the rise and it is more difficult now than ever to get a business startup loan. The result? Millions of highly skilled and highly educated people without jobs and prospects that decline by the day are "taking the bull by the horns" - jumping headfirst into self-employment.

Why is 3D printing the ultimate self-employment solution? 3D printing is the technology that is used on an industrial scale to manufacture prototypes and finished goods such as automobile parts, machines and machine components, food packaging, storage units, plastic goods and even toys. 3D printing is not related to office printing (flyer printing, label printing, large format printing, personalized labels and other office printing services) as it is a manufacturing process.

3D printing is an "additive" manufacturing process that uses computer programs to mass-produce scale or full-size replicas of computer-scanned or CAD models, and saves the costs required by "subtractive" processes requiring further machining or use of pre-designed "molds" and equipment. It is the amateur manufacturer's dream come true.

On a smaller scale, 3D printing can be used for the mass-production of affordable jewelery, clothing accessories, footwear, keys, compact discs, mirrors, stationery, waste bins, bottles and cans, eyewear, toys and many more everyday items - imagine the amazing commercial potential this has for the millions of unemployed in the country.

How will 3D printing start the home industry revolution? The simple answer is that 3D printing has hit the consumer market at an affordable price point - in fact, some models like the RoBo 3D Printer (coming to the market in a matter of weeks) will cost less than $600.

Here's the simple logic:

Low cost hassle-free manufacturing provided by 3D printers + high demand for affordable manufactured goods + millions of unemployed people who can purchase and use 3D printers to produce low cost goods = home industry revolution.

It's that simple. And it will happen.

"People just need to realize the amazing commercial potential that 3D printers provide - home industries can spring up overnight and small businesses can start on every street corner, making and selling everyday consumer items like forks, spoons, plastic goods, fashion accessories and more - it's simply brilliant," says a spokesperson.

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