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Blog Writes on Fox Business Articles Regarding Judge's Ruling on NYCs E-Hailing Cab Program

Popular news and technology blog has commented on a recent Fox Business article concerning a judge’s ruling to dismiss challenge to New York City’s E-Hailing cab program.


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- On April 25, popular news and technology blog commented on a recent article by Gabrielle Karol in Fox Business regarding a judge’s dismissal to a challenge by Manhattan-based livery car group to New York City’s e-hail app program which aims to automate the taxi hailing process.

According to the Fox Business piece, Taxi & Limousine Commissioner David Yasskey and NYC Corporation counsel Michael A. Cardozo issued a statement that E-hailing apps for yellow cabs in New York City will now be permitted to run a test period spanning 12 months. The judge’s ruling is being applauded by some apps manufacturers that focused on vehicle alert-system technology.

Responding to the Fox Business news story, business intelligence researcher Jake

Owen acknowledges the significant complexity of analyzing and weighing the multitude of factors at play in making such a decision. The rapid development of new technologies and their application in mature industries will no doubt raise new challenges for judges for the foreseeable future. The judge's decision has at least for now opened a door into additional developments for the vehicle alert-system technology sector and may contribute to conditions for a level playing field for firms specializing in producing vehicle alert-systems and potentially create more jobs.

Since the initial launch of Uber for New York City yellow cabs in September, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, whose company plans to participate in the pilot argues that it is impossible to stop change if the people crave for it. A spokesman for the firm also disclosed that UberTaxi which allows e-hailing of yellow cabs via the same app will be introduced soon.

The Fox Business article further revealed that New York’s Black Car Assistance Corporation are debating appealing against the judge’s dismissal of the initial challenge. “The fundamental grounds are that the TLC has no legal authority under local law to impose this program, whether as a pilot or otherwise. There are specific local laws that are being violated in this instance” Randy Mastro, the corporation’s lawyer argued.

Following the piece, Cole highlighted some suggestions to innovators facing similar legal challenges, “It is essential for companies to conduct in depth due diligence and thorough investigations into the political and legal landscape that may present challenges on the road to a successful endeavor. Of course, even with the most thorough investigation and analysis one may find oneself in unforeseen circumstances requiring legal and litigation support. Still, doing one's “homework” is critical regarding the line of business they intend to invest and trade in, and it will enable them understand the basics and prepare for how to tackle challenges.”

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