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Pomona, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2013 -- With the rising trend of owning vehicles, more and more transportation facilities are being availed by the human population whether for business, trade, personal use for conveyance and traveling purposes. While cars, vans, SUVs and SUTs have provided reliability and assurance to get people from one place to another, they are increasingly having a bad impact on the environment. Car pollution has more hazardous effects on the environment and the number of cars and vehicles affecting the environment are increasing year by year.

Pollution comes in many forms, air, noise and water pollution are the primary types in which all the rest of the categories fall into. Pollution is caused by harmful substances entering the atmosphere and causing illness, diseases in the surroundings. Some kinds of pollution cause more discomfort than disease and it impairs human activity as well as harms living and non living things in different ways. attempts to engage audiences to contemplate their actions and activities to reduce car pollution. Cars and automobiles upon ignition and driving gear emit gases into the air, mostly carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Other substances include nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons. Besides the gases, soot, sulfur dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde are also produced which enter the earth’s atmosphere as toxicants and eat away the natural reserves of oxygen in the fresh air. This causes breathing problems to the people and animals near places jam packed with traffic, fast moving highways and the like.

Essentially the air pollution is also one reason for the deteriorating condition of the ozone layer. Ozone layer is the invisible layer of pure oxygen which stops the ultra violet rays coming from the sun to fall on the earth. These ultra violet or UV rays are harmful to the skin, cause skin cancer and other disorders upon contact with skin. The ozone layer also helps to keep the earth’s temperature cool. As more and more car pollution is added into the atmosphere the ozone layer is negatively impacted and chances of the spread of harmful diseases and illnesses become more likely.

Thankfully in the late 1900s there were many socially responsible campaigns by the owners and top management of car making industries and companies that invested millions into bringing a revolution in car making and vehicle automation. More and more businesses invested in the creation of green cars. These cars run on bio fuel which upon consumption by the vehicle does not emit pollutant substances and helps to keep the environment pollution and toxic free.

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