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Blog Enlightens Readers on the Advantages of the Dried Fruits and Fresh Fruit


Shandong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- When people want to eat fruit but it is much difficult to take fruit, the choosing for the delicious and easy-carrying bulk dried fruit would be the best solution for this problem. From the describing of famous dried fruits supplier , the dried fruit is not only easy to be carried but also have more delicious fragrant and it would give more benefits to people's health. Well, is it the dried fruits have more nutritious content and advantages.

In fact, the fresh fruit and dried fruit are all have their own advantages. The manager from nuts & seeds China supplier Panda Foods Ltd pointed out:' The main standard for judge which eating habit is good should be depended on the way of eating. But no matter what kind of fruits, dried fruits or fresh fruits, the overeating of them should be not good. The most directly effect of the overeating should be the greatly increasing of weigh.

The fresh fruit contain rich enzymes and other useful active substances. If people could eat a fresh nuts & seeds China fruit in morning, it could have good effect with people's body purification. Moreover, fresh fruits are rich in vitamin C which is more than that of dried fruits. The mango is the good example for this. A small fresh mango which is about 200 grams contains about 40 milligrams of vitamin C. However, the same weigh mango dried fruit quality of dried mango only contains about 21 milligrams of vitamin C. The difference is very huge.

In addition, the eating for fresh fruit which has large water content could help the waste discharging of people¡¯s body inside. For people who want to achieve weight loss, the exhausting for poison is an important and indispensable part. Moreover, the water content of the fresh is very high which could be easy to produce satiety feeling and the time of fullness maintaining is very long. This kind of advantage could contribute to people¡¯s weight loss. However, fresh fruit are not fully of advantages. If people intake too much water of them, their body's temperature will be decreased and the body temperature drops is conducive to fat burning. In this kind of situation, the eating for dried fruits should be the best choice for people who want to lose their weigh.

In summary, if people want to supplement more vitamin C, they should select fresh fruit. If you do not dried strawberry China like to eat cold food and they want to largely lose their weigh, the choice of bulk dried fruit should be best. Both of them would have their own advantage. The choosing for them could be based on their own needs.

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