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It is a good way to release some creative energy and an easy way to make money


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2012 -- Blogging has become a really important component of SEO and it has become quite a lucrative business as well. People can now blog for money and actually make a large amount of money by just working at home. People can learn all about blogging and making their blog commercial at

The website supports a system that is called “Work from no Home” system. It is a system that proposes to help people make around $12,000 in 30 days. The people who will guide the system are Amy Amer and Peng Joon. In fact, the website backs the claim with a video explaining the process that is going to be carried on for the duration of 30 days as well.

This system of work at home blogging was created by Peng Joon, an affiliate marketer with ClickBank. According to the website, he manages to make 5 figures every day with the help of the business system alone. In order to learn how to make money, people have to go to the website and follow the steps given there. But the general gist is that in order to make such a large sum of money, one has to create a blog first. Once they have created the blog, they can follow the 30 day pattern that will give the bloggers daily tasks that will enhance their online presence and soon start earning them a lot of money.

The Work From No Home system is a complete strategic course that comes with videos, case studies, PDF files, testimonials of previous users and avid bloggers as well. It is quite a comprehensive cover of all that one needs to learn and know about the easy way to earn money by work at home. It teaches how to create a blog and how to draw traffic and attention to the same as well, so that one can generate a lot of income.

This system can be followed by people from all kinds of skill level, for this is a tutoring course all by itself. In order to learn more about the system or simply to get started with the 30 day process, one should head to the website,

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