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White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2016 -- Mommiez On A Mission, a blog that is run by a team of product reviewers from Alabama, shared their experiences on HealthyWiser's TDS EC meter. The moment they used the product, they started knowing more details about their household water.

"The TDS or Total dissolved solids tells you how soft or hard your water is. I've known I live in a house with very hard water, but I didn't know how hard it is," the review stated.

Mommiez On A Mission shared how they live in a house run by water filters. Surprisingly enough, they did not know how "hard" their filtered water was until they used the HealthyWiser meter.

"Okay, now to use the HealthyWiser meter in my filtered water. It shows under 200ppm, which is still slightly hard water according to HeathyWiser, they say begins at 170ppm. So, the filter did remove a good portion of dissolved solids, but the water is still hard. I guess that makes sense since it is just a filter and not a softener," the review explained.

The blog also noted how it like the HealthyWiser temperature compensated TDS meter was packaged in such a nice storage case. This protects the whole device when not in use.

Furthermore, Mommiez On A Mission also used the TDS EC meter with the tap water coming from the bathroom. Everything reportedly went well after the test. They found out that the water they have in the bathroom is just within average.

"Well, according to the instruction book it does fall in the range of average tap water . . . BUT it also states 300ppm is marginally acceptable," the blog stated.

The HealthyWiser temperature compensated TDS EC meter offers homeowners with a very detailed information about the water in terms of total dissolved solids. Even when they have a filter at home, it is still advisable to use the HealthyWiser TDS EC meter to ensure optimum safety.

The product is offered on Amazon for only $19.91. Purchase today for quality water this holiday season.

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