Blog Reveals Yoga Burn 12-Week Yoga Program for Women That Promotes a Healthy Weight Loss

Created by Zoe Bray Cotton, Yoga Burn is a 12-Week Yoga Program for women to help them burn fat and calories and lose weight in a healthy manner.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2017 -- A new post on the website talks about Yoga Burn, which is a 12-Week Yoga Program for women to burn fat and lose weight in a healthy manner. The program, created by Zoe Bray Cotton, can bring effective results for all women who want to shed extra pounds and get back their beautiful body for a healthy living.

According to the blog post, a woman can rely on Yoga Burn, as Zoe Bray Cotton is a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer and female body transformation specialist, and her weight loss program promotes a healthy weight loss. The program uses a technique called Dynamic Sequence that is proven to burn calories. In her program, Zoe includes techniques of Yoga that reduces stress and also tones the female body. Yoga Burn will reduce stress levels and produce relaxation at the same time, which a woman is unlikely to achieve from other programs.

However, Zoe maintains that all Yoga Programs may not work well for every woman, particularly for the generic classes that do not fit different physical abilities and goals. With Yoga Burn, a woman's routine will change according to her abilities as she progresses through the program. This makes a woman more acceptable to witness effective results from the program. According to her, conventional yoga classes raise cortisol levels or the stress hormone which causes the body to store more fat. On the other hand, Yoga Burn recommends proper yoga poses and routines that are specific to the goals of a woman. And this leads to the development of dynamic sequencing.?

The blog post explains that the Dynamic Sequencing is a unique yoga approach that will help women learn the exact and correct poses, duration, and sequence, helping them progress from start to finish. While pursuing Yoga Burn, one can avoid high plateau workout and build a better feminine shape. Importantly, Zoe Bray Cotton has split the Yoga burning system for women into three stages with instructional videos to help maximize the benefits of yoga. The Three Phases of the System for are?Phase 1: The Foundational Flow Phase, Phase 2: The Transitional Flow Phase and Phase 3: The Mastery Flow Phase.

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About Yoga Burn
Yoga Burn is a weight loss program developed by Zoe Bray Cotton. Zoe is a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer and female body transformation specialist. She has experience teaching yoga for relaxation purposes and working one-on-one as a personal trainer to help people tone their bodies and lose weight. In Yoga Burn, Zoe combines these two goals by providing a yoga program that reduces stress and tones the female body.

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