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Montreal, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2013 -- Despite the new technology surrounding us constantly, human nature will always feel the need to get deep into reading no matter how advanced we might get. The connection between the writer and the reader is easier now with internet blog post and comments. We finally have a chance to debate with the writers on matters we find appealing in our reading.

With social media, most of the texts online are connected with FB, twitter or Google+, so we can have instant feedback with other readers and the writer itself. This closeness is unique to our modern society and should be cherish by everyone who likes to write, read or both. 200 years ago, if you read an article, you could only share it with your immediate surroundings. Now, the network is bondless.

Presentation of real writing jobs

What is more relaxing than writing while letting out the day to day pressure? It’s a nice way to liberate some unwanted thoughts that may have disturbed you for a while. On top of that, if you got some kind of ease with this sort of communication, it’s a wonderful way to upgrade the level of creativity and content in a world, where advertisement goes as far as putting temporary tattoo on a boxer’s back.

Real writing jobs online can be defined in a very large specter. You can write for an online newspaper, you can find editor for an online book, you can create advertisement or you can create some blog and build a fan base. Gradually, with some backlink strategy, people who like the way you approach things in your life will follow you on a regular bases. Writing is to be able to put your environment in perspective from your point of you. You will create all sort of reaction while writing about a random content, even some you did not expect at all.

Deeper understanding of real writing jobs

Why do book novel writers can make a living with their writing jobs? Their content is unique and relevant in a magical world. It’s appealing for the readers and it offer them a learning curve with an entertainment aspect. The words we express go away with time but the writing stay. Internet needs writing and unique content, creative and abundant.

That’s why everyone who has something relevant to say should reach for the potential. Now, we can get in touch all together, all over the world and it is essential that we share our knowledge, experience and passion. Writing has always been a passion for me and I’m pretty excited everyday to think what I’m going to share with the online community via a blog, website or others. The idea that everybody has some expertise in a field makes everyone a great potential for catching an audience. With the size of the online world sample, there might be a lot of people interested by the same subject as you. You may see this as a writing job opportunity or a hobby, but the fact that writing about you, your experience and how you deal with the world today may be more relevant for more people than you think.

Let’s say you are ready to give it a try and write one blog per day and make a career out of this. You will think, ok, In order to get traffic to my blog, I can only talk about subject related to what other people are seeking or want to read! That’s where most of the people are wrong! We can write about everything that is going on in our lives because there’s a lot of chance that your similar situation might happen elsewhere too.

As I was saying, internet is the paradise of freedom expression within legality. Readers want to upgrade their knowledge, gain experience and have fun along the way. That’s why internet needs writer so badly to fulfill the world with great content. If you can offer them a career opportunity along the way, that’s fine. But the real focus is to educate and share the knowledge, just be grateful if you can make a job out of it!

Conclusion real writing jobs

Writing jobs is one of the most popular and in demand online work at home. You can be sure that the demand for writing projects will not decrease any time soon. This makes working as an online writer a potentially rewarding and long term profession. Like many people seeking for a new career, if you have the ability to express certain subject in your own words, you will develop a fan base really quickly. The demand for quality content will always exist. Furthermore, this is the most common way to communicate online. There’s endless variety of subject that can be written on a website or a blog.

TIPS for writing jobs online:

1. Think about your audience and the goal of your message.

It is advisable to always keep in mind the main idea of your text, so do not deviate too much from the main subject. Also, adapt your writing style to readers that you are targeting.

2. Put the most important information at the beginning of your page.

Start with the basics. Indeed, both visitors and search engines prefer the beginning of a text. Most of your visitors will not read the entire page. Also, if important information is at the beginning, chances are it will be read by most visitors.

3. Do not make your text too long, keep it simple.

Internet is a medium that contains a lot of information quickly findable, and surf the Internet comes to the majority of people to move from link to link for more information as possible, so it is essential that during their journey, they can find information quickly.

4. Separate into paragraphs, using short sentences

To make your text, emphasize the information and structure easily. It is advisable to make pieces of short texts. So separate your content into paragraphs (100 words maximum), put titles, emphasize key phrases (in bold).

5. Put hyperlinks in the text (but not too much).

To illustrate your text, it is advisable to make hyperlinks. This interactivity, visitors are active during reading. It is the same to clarify your information sources to give credibility to your text to confirm your words, make links to your sources.

6. Identify and repeat the keywords in the text.

This advice is primarily designed as a reference. In fact, search engines like Google, who will analyze your content, will favor your page based on keywords / terms that are often present.

7. Help navigating long pages

In case your text is long, try to make navigation within the easy text. As described above, make paragraphs, put titles and subtitles. For a long text, add a table of contents, listing all the titles and make it links for direct access to the paragraphs.

8. Writing for a wide audience

Internet is accessible by anyone, anywhere. So try to be as wide as possible in the audience you are addressing. Avoid local expressions; be specific in your use of language.

9. To test / fix your page

Do not hesitate to proof read your text with one or more persons. First, check the spelling but also for opinions on the content, presentation and understanding, clarity, readability.

10. Check Grammar

Finally, it is essential to be perfect on the internet your reputation is at stake! Some spelling mistakes, errors of conjugation, disordered syntax, and lack of punctuation are all mistakes to avoid. Your image could be tarnished by small easily avoidable mistakes. Good content with poor grammar will have a negative impact on your image.

People do not read a text on the Internet in the same way as on paper. So keep these tips in mind and do not hesitate to read them before you begin writing your next web page. It will come out even better.

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