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Mumbai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- Owning dogs and training to the best of knowledge is joy for many and need for some. Just like any other factor in life, the manners and etiquettes that a dog portrays in front of guests and strangers is a clear cut example of the time, patience and training invested in the dog. Many people who got really good in the processing of training lab puppies or other breeds, ended up starting breeding businesses as this itself is quite a lucrative business. Those who value excellent breeds prefer going back to well known breeders, and the pure breeds with good trainings get handsome pay checks for what’s given.

Labrador is a dog breed that hosts friendliness, not an aggressive dog and eventually easier to mould and train as per desire. The famous Mr. Glenn residing in India is known for his dog training tips as his dog, Tango is a living example of excellent training, manners and behavior. Tango doesn’t need a leash, understands every instruction such as sit, pick, fetch, stop etc and accompanies Mr. Glenn to walks in the park, along the shore without mingling with other dogs are creating any sort of havoc. The main secret of this behavioral pattern, according to Mr. Glenn is excessive attention and patience devoted while training the dog.

Tango was bought at a young puppy age, training lab puppies was a passion for Mr. Glenn. Already owning a parrot, he knew tips and tricks to raise perfect dogs. Tango was introduced to all family members and given the chances to express the feelings of coming in a new home. Later Mr. Glenn made it a point never to shout or act aggressively with Tango, which eventually never instilled the same actions in the dog. Moreover, a lot of consideration on Tango’s needs was done so play ball time and attention was given with lots of communication.

Tango had a problem of biting in the early phases, and upon consultation Mr. Glenn found out that dogs need to play with other dogs to identify the need of biting and restricting the habit after learning it once. Apart from this, Mr. Glenn has also written his personal ebook that states training tips and a whole lot of experiences and knowledge as per personal learnings and professional consultation as per the need. According to Mr. Glenn puppies should be treated and trained in the most humanly way possible, with respect, patience and attention any dog can be tamed to an obedient dog with manners.

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