Blogger Finds a Sciatica Cure Without Exercises or Stretches


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2012 -- Former long time sciatica sufferer and blogger, Lisa Petrillo, has discovered a homeopathic way to not only relieve pain from an inflamed sciatic nerve, but also to cure  this dreaded ailment, once and for all. Since Mrs. Petrillo was once a long time sufferer she understands what most people go through and also try, just to get relief. However, relief of sciatica pain, according to Mrs. Petrillo, is not the ultimate goal a sufferer should strive for. She states, “why should anyone be satisfied with just the temporary relief  that sciatica exercises and stretches provide?” She adds: “What I wanted was  a natural solution that would give be a permanent cure to my pain, so I would never have to suffer through this incredibly debilitating ailment ever again!”.  And according to her blog postings at , she has finally found the answer that is unique and provide pain numbing techniques ( not exercises or stretches) that if done on a daily basis, will rid your body of sciatica pain permanently.

After suffering from sciatica pain for the better part of 12 years, she discovered these unique techniques over 8 years ago and after utilizing the techniques for 8 straight weeks, her sciatica pain was gone and has never returned again. Her blog states that the techniques are unique (not the cumbersome exercises or stretches that most people are accustomed to)  all natural or also homeopathic.  The problem with the current techniques that doctors and chiropractors use  is that they can easily do more harm than good, because if you do the exercises and stretches the wrong way, just a centimeter off the right side or the left can leave you with more pain than you started out with. That’s why in her blog she states that sciatica exercises and sciatica stretches could be dangerous and cause additional injury. Sadly the internet is littered with videos and articles about these sciatica exercises, but they never warn you that if done the wrong way it can lead to even more pain and possible injury.

Given all the negatives that these exercises entail, she mentions in her latest postings that you deserve a second chance at a sciatica cure. If one follows here advice, within 6-8 weeks you can cure your sciatica forever.

About Lisa Petrillo
Lisa Petrillo originally suffered from sciatic pain centered in the left and lower back for 12 years. In year 2004, she found healthy  and natural method to curing  sciatica pain forever and for the 8 years following , she has been pain free. She is a well known personality at major healthcare conferences and provides free advice on other pain matters through her blog.

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