Blogger Paul Guzman Reveals the Best Internet Marketing Techniques for the Average Blogger


Las Cruces, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2013 -- Master blogger Paul Guzman is using his latest blog site, to share his knowledge of internet marketing with the average blogger who is trying to jumpstart their efforts. Guzman, who has been working online since 2002, developed this blog to teach others how to promote, market and profit their personal blogs. Fundamentally, the Paul Guzman blog is about teaching others how to develop and write blog posts that get the attention of readers and make them come back for more.

According to Guzman, “95% of online business blogs fail and there’s a simple reason for that, ineffective content.” Guzman is determined to teach the average blogger how to avoid this ineffective content and develop blog posts that attract potential clients and customers and then keep them interested in reading more.

The PaulGuzmanBlog focuses on the three most important aspects of online marketing. These three are internet marketing, online advertising and social media. Guzman discusses each of these areas in a simple and straight forward way that is easy to understand, even for the beginner on the online marketing world. The Guzman advice is not designed to tell bloggers how they can become millionaires in a week, but rather how they can set up an online presence, and with some hard work, dedication and the right content, create a lucrative online business.

Visitors to the blog will also be able to browse through a series of posts that focus on a particular topic relevant to the online business world. Readers will find these posts incredibly valuable and Guzman is dedicated to posting his latest advice on a regular basis. Topics covered in these posts include how to incorporate graphics, whether to include guest posts, the concept of niche blogs, SEO and SEM and video marketing among others.

An important part of the blog is the section that includes a series of video tutorials that help bloggers with some of the more common questions they have. Guzman was determined to include the videos on his blog because he understands that visuals help people learn far more than words on a screen. Videos help bloggers with plugins, graphics and many more aspects of creating an effective blog.

Those who want to continue to learn from Guzman’s experience and expertise can also register to receive his informative newsletters and in the process they will receive Guzman’s helpful eBooks, including his popular “The Secret To Writing Quality Content” that has helped countless bloggers improve the effectiveness of their online presence.

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