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Jersey City, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2012 -- German blogger and IT specialist Devin Maurice has turned his attention to claims adjusters and what it takes to succeed in that field. His website, , tell readers what to expect to put into the job and what to expect to get out of the job.

“Everyone has insurance. It may be car insurance, health insurance, homeowner or rental insurance, but everyone has it,” he said. “That means insurance companies must have someone who can review and process claims on an insurance policy.”

In the most recent post, he takes a look at the eight essential items a claims adjuster needs. Some of these are rather obvious - a car to get around because adjusters have to visit the actual location in the case of a homeowner house claim. Some are less obvious, like a ladder.

“If you are processing a claim of roof damage because of a hail storm, you’re going to need to examine the roof. That means propping a ladder on the side of the house and climbing up there to personally inspect the roof,” he said. “If it’s a storm that takes the roof off, you don’t need a ladder. But roof damage that leaves the roof in place is far more common than damage which removes the roof.”

Another less-than-expected item is a tool belt. This lets an adjuster keep the tools he needs for his job about his person at all times.

In a previous post, Mr. Maurice takes a look at the income adjusters can make. He pegs the top income bracket at $1,500 a day, which he also admits mostly happens in the wake of a disaster like a hurricane.

In that case, an adjuster can examine a lot of properties in short order.

Independent adjusters also have the added benefit of working for themselves. They get to pick which companies they will work for.

He briefly discusses the certification process, which is not difficult. He reports becoming certified takes as little as three days, depending on the state. The only problem is that in becoming an independent claims adjuster is no guarantee of a job. A newly minted inspectors must interview with various companies.

One of the greatest benefits is intangible, he wrote: “Imagine the prospect of navigating through disaster-stricken neighborhoods in an effort to help people get their lives and homes back together. Imagine the sincere gratitude and respect with which most claimants greet you as you take on their claim.”

One of the drawbacks is having to deal with people engaged in fraud. But even them a good claims adjuster can take pride in knowing that he is preventing someone from cheating and illegally beating the system.

On the flip side, a claims adjuster is not the big insurance company only interested in collecting premiums. The adjuster, he said, is a being a person offering a hand up in a time of crisis. Being able to help people is a very rewarding experience, he said.

“It can be a rewarding career, but you need to know what to expect going in. I’m here to help you learn that,” Mr. Maurice said. “You can make good money at this and spend less time getting the necessary education than you might think.”
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