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Viral Solutions Group Shows How Blogging Is an Income Opportunity

Blogs are already setup generating income, and Viral Solutions Group offers these focused niche blogs to their clients.


Cedar City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Blogging has grown into big business. The profits are real. The competition is rough. That's why Viral Solutions Group has organized one of the top offerings in blog marketing opportunities. They have built a niche marketing opportunity that can gain a higher return and has a lower buy-in than a franchise, without the hassles of location and labor that comes with most franchise opportunities.

In short, Viral Solutions Group provides websites operating successfully in thoroughly researched niches, already making money for their clients.

Everyone has heard of blogging, and while impressions vary about exactly what blogs are and what they are good for, most impressions fall somewhere between the following two poles. One has blogs being sources of news and opinions, and at the other end blogs are viewed as a running account of the escapades of someone persnickety feline. the way to make money from a blog eludes most bloggers . . . and even major organizations who invest lots of money to build them.

Viral Solutions Group have proven that blogs generate income. They offer a number of levels to their program, where they will set-up, provide content, and even maintain blogs within a particular niche. They make available blogs within these niches that have a proven profit track record.

Clients have seen an ROI of 30% to 65% in their first year of owning these blogs. The average blogs generate $1500 to $3000 through high converting niches that make money through promoting affiliate programs. When clients come into the program they have several levels of involvement to choose from, which include having Viral Solutions Group set-up a blog and give the client training and blogging tools. The client then maintains the blog. Clients can also choose to have Viral Solutions Group continue full maintenance of the blog.

They have been working in house for the last 4 years to build these blogs, and are now making them available as a business investment opportunity.

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About Viral Solutions Group
Viral Solutions Group is a marketing company that offers opportunities to clients in niche marketing using blogging as a vehicle. They began operations four years ago, and have grown to be one of the largest and most knowledgeable sources of marketing blogs.