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Growing Social Media Agency Web Gurus Conduct Study to Determine Top Ten Blogging Mistakes


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2011 -- IronMonk Solutions, the Web Marketing Agency recently conducted an extensive study to determine the top ten blogging mistakes committed by businesses. The social media agency operates out of Montreal, New York City and Calgary offering business clients Social Media Optimization, SEO services, content development/optimization and Web/Blog development services.

Today, most people understand the value of creating useful content for their visitors through Blogging. Unfortunately, many businesses are blogging the wrong way and consequently lose key opportunities to attract prospective clients and retain and nurture existing clients.

The top 10 blogging mistakes were derived from an extensive study conducted by the firm that looked at a broad range of business blogs. They were evaluated in terms of authority establishment, relevancy for client needs and posting schedule. “We found that the ten mistakes revolve around content, formatting, consistency and several other important areas that most businesses are making when it comes to blogging,” said IronMonk Co-founder Amine Rahal.

According to the study, creating content is one thing, but making sure it is of interest to the reader is quite another. The problem of poor content quality—number one of the ten business blogging mistakes—can usually be traced to an attempt at producing too much content. “It is much better to post one blog a week that is both highly relevant and cohesively written for the audience rather than producing a number of posts a week that are mediocre or filler postings,” said Rahal.

The subject of filler in postings is also among the top ten mistakes. The study found that many companies are using duplicate or plagiarized content, which can bring penalties down from Google and defeat the purpose of the content. Conversely, while some businesses have a lot of pertinent information requiring frequent blog postings, this is rare. Regardless of merit, every company should avoid the mistake of devaluing their information by blogging too often.

The list covers other highly important blogging mistakes that have to do with the look and potential marketing aspects that can spell success or failure. As part of the agency’s mission to educate businesses about social media marketing, The Top Ten Business Blogging Mistakes is one of a growing number of likeminded blog posts. These include covered topics such as Top Ten SEO Tools for Professionals and Agencies in 2011, Six Tips for a Successful Facebook Campaign and many more. To read the top ten list and learn more about IronMonk, please visit http://www.ironmonk.net.