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Blood, Berries or Butter: New Documentary Brings Transparency to the Nutrition Industry

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for Blood, Berries or Butter. A Film which brings the world’s leading health experts from Paleo, Raw and Vegan communities to the same screen.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- In a move to flip the nutrition industry on its head, Office Kuki introduces its newest documentary Blood, Berries or Butter. The full-length feature brings together opinion leaders from the Paleo, Raw, Vegan and Biohacking communities to the same screen to discuss current challenges, controversies and solutions to nutrition and fitness.

Launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete the film, award-winning filmmakers Juan Paredes and Tomas Reyes shine a spotlight in the areas of nutrition, fitness, personalized medicine, anti-aging and beauty.

“Blood, Berries or Butter gives viewers tips and tools to lose weight faster, fight aging and boost IQ through mind training,” said Paredes, director and producer at Office Kuki. “From increasing brainpower by simply adding butter to your coffee to balancing hormones through ice baths, our goal is to show the viewer the body’s potential from a scientific perspective.”

The documentary interviews over 30 renowned experts including Running with Nature author and yogi Mariel Hemingway, best-selling author of Fat-Burning Man Abel James and international fitness icon and surfer Laird Hamilton. These interviews showcase different ways of thinking about health, scientific research and various tools the viewer can implement.

Kickstarter contributors will receive perks such as, associate producer credits, one-hour health consultation with a leading expert and tickets to the L.A. red-carpet premiere.

As the brainchild of Paredes and Reyes, Blood, Berries or Butter was born from their personal quest for a better, faster and easier way to get in shape and boost their intelligence. Over the course of nine months, the filmmakers’ traveled 17,000 miles to interview the most influential health personalities redefining nutrition. By sharing their stories, Paredes and Reyes’ goal is to empower viewers to experiment with their own health, take control of their well-being and to quit researching and start doing.

“The information and tools we discovered while filming Blood, Berries or Butter radically changed our lives and our perspectives about health”, said Reyes, director and producer at Office Kuki. “As consumers, we constantly hear about fad diets and the next ‘big thing,’ usually with little results. This film takes you beyond popular diets to uncover the science behind how the body actually operates, which is incredibly inspiring. It is our mission to bring this life-changing information to the big screen.”

Kickstarter funds will be used to edit, release and distribute the film. Scheduled to premiere in January of 2014, Blood, Berries or Butter will launched if $10,000 or more is pledged by November 1st. Click HERE to join this life changing project.

“This documentary will give you the power and tools to be in charge of your own health,” said Morgan Buehler, producer. “Don't get bogged down in research or fall down the rabbit hole concluding that nothing is edible and everything causes cancer. Start listening to your body, experimenting and stop relying on outdated information that's making it harder for you to feel your best. Everyone should feel great—Blood, Berries or Butter will help you get there.”

“A fundamental change is happening today in the way people are using personalized biology, nutritional and technology innovation to improve their daily lives ”, said Eric Schwertzel, Associate Producer. “This documentary shows you how others are doing it and more importantly, how you can do it too.”

Personalities interviewed include: Sarma Melngailis (Raw Haute Cuisine) , Gabby Reece (Ex-Pro Volleyball Player, Fitness Icon), Laird Hamilton (Big Wave Surfer), Dave Asprey (Biohacker), Jonathan Bailor (Researcher, Author), Kristen Buchanan (Former Olympic Athlete), David Cote (Living Foods), Nir Eyal (Habit Formation), James Hardt (Physicist), Mariel Hemingway (Oscar-nominated Actress), Bobby Williams (Stunt Man), Abel James (Nutritionist ), Justin Mager (Existential Medicine), Darin Olien (Superfood Expert) , Nicholas Perricone (Anti-Aging Expert), Rich Roll (Vegan Ultra Athlete), Jay Schroeder (Neurological Trainer), Mark Sisson (Primal Lifestyle), Steve Fowkes (Neurochemist), Glenn and Caryl Elzinga (Grassfed Beef Ranchers), and Mario Martinez (Biocognition).

With the well-shot informative documentary, Paredes, Reyes and their crew hope to start a much needed wellness revolution.

To make an investment in the “Blood, Berries or Butter” Kickstarter crowdfunding project Click Here

Documenting the tips, tricks and tools the world’s leading experts use to lose weight faster and easier, fight aging, eat for performance and health, train smarter, boost their IQ through mind training, and so much more. This film brings the opinions of leaders in the Paleo, raw and vegan communities to the same screen. Director and Producer, Juan Paredes, is a Colombian filmmaker that has been developing, writing and producing theatrical projects for the last seven years, one of which was Colombia’s submission to the Academy Awards. His last project, Apaporis, the feature documentary starring National Geographic explorer-in-residence and best-selling author Wade Daves, is the most viewed theatrical documentary in Colombia. World traveler, photographer and explorer, Tomas Reyes is a partner at Office Kuki in New York, a studio that specializes in trend research, format development and content creation. Office Kuki has offices in New York, Los Angeles and a network of partners in London, Tokyo and Rio de Janiero/Sao Paulo, Brazil. Morgan Buehler is a nutritionist, adventurer and health and wellness enthusiast (to say the least.) Eric Schwertzel, formally with MTV Networks and Vivendi Games, specializes in using technology to start social conversations for brands. They are on a mission to share their newly learned information with the masses, with the hope of motivating thousands of people to make their lives better through health.

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