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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2012 -- Here’s an alarming fact: you could be one of the third of all adults with high blood pressure and not even know it. In fact, 30% of all sufferers are unaware of their condition. For these very reasons, medical experts recommend people to check their blood pressure - even if they show no symptoms.

Actually, symptoms are not a very good indication. “High blood pressure usually causes no symptoms,” according to Dr. Benjamin Wedro. He adds that it’s been called “the silent killer." Indeed, it’s not uncommon for very specific symptoms to go unnoticed for years before they suddenly appear. By then, it may be too late.1

The fact that high blood pressure may run in your family is another compelling reason to get checked. Of course, having family members with high blood pressure only raises the possibility that you, too, may have it. Even if high blood pressure is not a genetic problem, you’re still not off the hook. That’s because there are a host of other non-genetic, causal factors.

Indeed, the third reason to get checked is because your diet and stress level may cause you to have high blood pressure. Foods high in sodium, for example, are a commonly cited contributor. Also, long or demanding work hours and a low amount of exercise are other factors. Finally, race, is yet another factor - African-Americans are twice as likely to be at risk of high blood pressure.

To reduce your high blood pressure, begin exercising and cut down on the amount of sodium you consume. You can drink black tea as it’s known to reduce blood pressure. Finally, incorporate way to cope with stress, since it’s widely known that reducing your stress levels should reduce your blood pressure as well.

In conclusion, get your blood pressure checked as a preventive measure. Even if you discover that you have high blood pressure, you can begin taking action now to control it before it’s too late. You can visit the website below to get your blood pressure checked and for tips on battling this silent killer.

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