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Blood Ties: Compelling Coming-of-Age Novel Thrusts Readers Onto the Streets, to the Depths of Despair and on a Quest for Eventual Triumph

Written by Star and fusing fiction with many experiences from her own life, ‘Blood Ties’ tells the gripping story of a young girl who grows up feeling lonely and rejected. However, when she makes the bold decision to finally seek true happiness, she quickly learns that tenacity and vigor are the most powerful weapons against her past.


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- While many preach that life is nothing but a series of experiences put in place by luck, author Star is one of the millions who know the truth – that an individual is the only person in control of their destiny. In Star’s debut novel, this battle for control and direction plays out amidst the backdrop of drug trafficking, abusive men and the reality that money really does talk.

‘Blood Ties’ will leave any woman or open-minded reader with plenty to think about, even more so because the narrative is directly linked to the life of its author.


“Maybe you or someone you know can relate to the growing pains of feeling alone and rejected. In this novel, Ms. Santiago is a twenty-four-year-old mother of two, who struggles to leave her past behind her, and find happiness. She was once a humble young girl, born and raised in Baltimore City. However, being raised in the states does not override her Cuban DNA. Santiago becomes very hostile after a spiral of tragic episodes occurs in her life.

In recent years her misplaced anger shows up in her sex life, confusing lust for love. While growing up, her father is one of the biggest drug smugglers in Baltimore from Cuba, Valdez Santiago, AKA Whip. Ultimately, She is use to the lavish lifestyle that daddy provides. Sadly at the age of nine, her life take a turn for the worse when her mother dies. She passively deals with feelings of being unloved and unwanted when her father turn to alcohol and abandon her. Simultaneously her four year old brother is taken away. She has nowhere left to turn. The captivating attraction of Santiago catches the attention of most men. Her father's past clearly has an effect on how She interact with men, and for years She will hate him for it! That is until She needs him.

After trial and error, She will eventually grab a hold on life, and not willing to give up, She moves away to start over. She then realizes that She too must carry a cross in life, and no matter where She go, the truth tends to follow us. She is faced with yet another test; this time it will be physically challenging. Santiago will vanquish many obstacles, but she will have to weather another storm? With brains, beauty and a body to die for, She leaves herself vulnerable for the untimely setup. The setup that will not only place her in grave danger, but will get revenge on her estranged father’s life. From drugs, lies, crooked cops, and murder, Santiago has to face it all! Will She ever be able to love herself and find the happiness that she deserve?”

“Santiago takes many of her cues from my own life; one that has struggled with many ups and downs. My mother died at an early age and I was forced to live a life on the streets, which left me extremely vulnerable. This life robbed me of my innocence and there’s plenty others can learn from this,” says Star.

Continuing, “However, I made a conscious decision very early on that I would be living life on my own terms. This is a commitment everyone should make as it puts you firmly in control and, while you’ll surely experience fire in your life, you won’t come out burned. I hope my narrative serves as a catalyst for readers to reexamine their own lives and make that vital commitment to change.”

‘Blood Ties’ will be release on June 3rd, 2014. The book is currently available for pre-order via Amazon: http://amzn.to/PFQd1b.

About Star
Born Sheria Bolding, Star changed her image and persona after experiencing the hard knock of the street life. She was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland. That is where she pursued a life in the nursing field. It wasn’t long after her completion of school that she realized that she was not the woman for the job. Star was later diagnosed with Lupus. While she had to strive and overcome personal health issues, her desire to be independent and help others grew increasingly.

Although her writing started early on, it wasn’t until she became extremely forgetful and agitated when trying to express herself that she began to write. She wrote down everything from her thoughts to her dreams. What other people thought to be a setback in her life, she assured them it was only a set up for something great. Through her novels, poems, and screenplays she has the ability to express herself freely.