Bloomberg Industries Project Electronic Cigarette Sales to Surpass Tobacco Cigarettes by 2023


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- Bloomberg Businessweek’s cover of a cowboy smoking an electronic cigarette and the title beneath it saying “They’re new. They’re Blue. But will they still kill you?” has caught much attention amongst so called vaping enthusiasts and electronic cigarette companies who are all still awaiting the FDA regulation on e-cigarettes.

Bloomberg industries projects that this year the sales of electronic cigarettes will further rise with a tally nearing $1.5 billion mark. Exponentially rising since 2008, if the trend continues the Bloomberg industries estimate that by 2023 the sales of the electronic cigarette and traditional tobacco cigarettes will be equivalent. Currently the global sales of the ‘normal cigarettes’ is nearly $500 billion per annum according to Euromonitor International.

Many consumers of the e-cigarettes and support websites of the ‘technological revolution in the tobacco industry’ such as the stop smoking website for the University of Virginia Commonwealth (VCU),, believe that on comparative basis there shouldn’t be any doubt that electronic cigarettes are far better than traditional ‘tar based cigarettes’.

The editors of the website further state that possibility of eventually converting to low-nicotine or nicotine-less e-cigs will surely benefit the health of the consumers and finally lead them to a non-addictive life.

The leading editor of and alumnus of VCU, Aaron Glassman in the article ‘Living in a Smoke Free World’ states, “Our dream is to create a smoke free society” and feels the website’s mission can be accomplished by the electronic cigarette as it is “smokeless and completely odor-free”. Aaron has published numerous insightful articles on how electronic cigarettes can help long time traditional cigarette smokers achieve a healthier lifestyle and consistently discusses latest happenings around this fairly new industry.

Many website like have shared positive feedback from the usage of electronic cigarettes, which is probably one of the reason’s FDA regulation is still pending. Advertisements of e-cigs are now very common on popular media and as discussed by Aaron on even this year’s Super Bowl had a commercial for one of the leading e-cig providers Vapor Zone.

Bloomberg Industries further informed that the predictions are inaccurate as it is the government via its regulations that will decide which industry will be a leader in the future. As of now the electronic cigarette industry is still booming and will eventually surpass the traditional tobacco industry if the FDA does not intervene.

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