Blu Track Designer Series Improves Upon Toy Racetrack

Performance Channel Allows For Varied Track Stiffness; Ability to Create Large Loops and Other Stunts


Pella, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/24/2015 -- As the Christmas season creeps ever closer towards us, parents across the country are hard at work scouring toy stores and electronics stores to find the perfect gifts to delight their children with. The process of making your child's Christmas wishes come true can be an agonizing process rife with stress and tough decisions. Do you get them an outdoor item that encourages playing outside? Their favorite videogame they've been asking for six months? Perhaps a gift that stimulates their creative side? For over a decade the team at BluTrack has put out a toy racetrack that does just that – encourages a child's creative side, inspiring them to put their mind to work and see what a touch of imagination can do. With their most recent invention, BluTrack Designer Series, the team at BluTrack has made their racetrack more malleable than ever. A performance channel is placed between the lanes and allows for varied stiffness and the creation of large loops and other stunts.

BluTrack has demonstrated a unique ability to stimulate the mind. Since their inception, numerous schools and universities have expressed interest in their BluTrack Pro racetrack, including K-12 schools across the country and a small list of higher education schools, including UCLA, Lehigh, and West Georgia. That track is used to teach Force & Motion, Advanced Physics, and Engineering Concepts. In addition, this racetrack trounces the competition, boasting a far greater durability than traditional tracks. Plus, all BluTrack racetracks are proudly manufactured in the United States.

President for BluTrack Randy Belding spoke about the viability of this innovative track in the market today, saying "Our track is definitely more durable than anything our competition has to offer. BluTrack Classic was invented in tandem with my son Jay 10 years ago and has done well in the market. Historically we have been reluctant to add accessories but this new designer series allows kids and adults alike to do more with their track. Our theory has always been that we never want to restrict a child's ability to think for themselves, and we are confident this track perfectly serves that purpose."

Although the BluTrack Designer Series won't hit store shelves until 2016, interested buyers can find it on the company website: BluTrack and

About Blu Track
Blu Track got its start in 2003 when Randy Belding and his son Jay bought a traditional track system that couldn't perform the two loops it was designed to do. After many iterations and adjustments to the track, Randy discovered how fun it was to create a design from scratch, toiling away – rather than follow a factory determined design. From there, BluTrack was born, a highly flexible single coil of track with two lanes. The original concept centers on giving users the ability to try different designs. Customers are encouraged to experiment, try loops, curves, twists, and turns en route to a truly unique experience.