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Blue Edge Consulting Enhance Management Development Scheme


Hove, East Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2012 -- The business landscape has never been more competitive, and the sudden success of companies due to the fluctuation of market forces and instant reach of the internet can often see great ideas supported by corporate structures that were rushed out as an afterthought to sustaining growth. These houses built on sand are often inefficient, and potentially dangerous to a company’s longevity.

Blue Edge Consulting is a team of occupational psychologists who specialize in management development and cultural change. In this context, cultural change can be both micro and macro, going from interpersonal and office culture to the evolution of the globalizing business culture. Their work on organisational culture has been implemented in some of the world’s leading orginsations, including the RAF, Royal Mail, and Orange FT.

The Consulting firm uses their cutting edge knowledge of the complex structures of the human brain and their relationship to the conscious mind to structure and deliver long-term changes to the way businesses work, tailored to the specific needs and outcomes requested by the business in question.

Blue Edge Management Development has recently expanded its range of training and development options to include a greater draft of applicable training for business leaders and managers. They now offer assessment centres, development programmes, executive coaching and team facilitation all aimed at maximizing the potential of staff and structure within a business. Further to this, they offer a specialised “Leadership Brain” development programme for entrepreneurs, CEO’s and other business leaders to increase their effectiveness at leading teams to realize visionary outcomes.

A spokesperson explained, “Our approach combines cutting edge brain science research with decades of practical expertise to deliver long-term systemic change in business practice and output, using psychology to understand the real needs of businesses and drive up performance according to their KPIs. Our consultants have decades of experience in designing and delivering management development solutions that drive up management, team and organisational performance, using the application of psychology and brain science to help managers understand and develop key areas of their 'Leadership Brain', ultimately leading to improved performance and genuinely embedded change by enabling delegates to have their own moments of insight.”

About Blue Edge
Blue Edge is a team of Occupational Psychologists specialising in culture change and management development. Our consultants are widely considered as experts in the field of psychology and run the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development's Postgraduate Certificate in the Psychology of Management. We act as global business partners, helping clients to develop their managers, teams and entire organisations. For more information, please visit: