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"BLUE Energy Group" Presents as Gold Sponsor at 2016 Energy Services Coalition

EPAct 179D Specialists Share the Importance of Extending the Energy Incentive Tax Deduction Set to Expire December 2016


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2016 -- August 23-24 saw the Energy Services Coalition Market Transformation Conference conduct its 5th annual gathering at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY. The two-day event offered a tremendous opportunity for networking and partnering to take place as nearly every ESPC State Program Manager and ESC Chapter assembled into one physical location. Also featured were in-depth panel discussions with public and private experts who presented on ESPC solutions.

Among the many distinguished attendees was BLUE Energy Group. The licensed engineering firm that specializes in helping companies receive tax deductions under Section 179D Tax Deduction for Energy Efficient Buildings was a gold sponsor of the conference. BLUE Energy Group Owner Josh Howes presented during the Government Affairs portion of panel discussions. The panel - which was lead and moderated by Christine Keck, Energy Systems Group, ESC Past-President - discussed various issues relating to states, cities, schools and other government entities across the US in relation to putting legislation, resolutions and rules in place to reduce energy usage in their buildings. The panel members also explored the policy trends that are currently affecting performance contracting projects in 2016.

Howes's presentation was informative for all in attendance and focused on EPAct Section 179D - both in defining it and explaining its importance. As BLUE Energy Group has been on the forefront of these issues, Howes's input was particularly insightful. Pertinent to the overall discussion was the fact that 179D is set to expire in December 2016 which will cause businesses to miss out on saving millions of dollars if renewal does not occur. In the public building sector, 179D exists to encourage designers to incorporate more energy efficiency than building code dictates thereby benefiting the public with lower energy bill and lower maintenance costs as well as designers with federal tax incentives.

Howes went on to outline the present state of affairs in relation to 179D as well as multiple ways companies can work towards encouraging the legislators to extend this provision of the tax code.

"As proponents of 179D, we want a multi-year extension, but it will take action," explained BLUE Energy Group Owner Josh Howes. "We need to urge Congress to address 179D before the year ends and expand it for non-profits and tribal governments as well as encourage and voice our opinions to other key members of government both in the House and Senate."

BLUE Energy is involved in the energy sector through their providing certifications for 179D tax deductions, cost segregation, asset disposition, and utility rebates. An active member of ESC, NAESCO, AIA, NSPE, ASHRAE, USGBC, and A4LE, BLUE Energy's clients include private building owners, architectural firms, engineering firms, contractors, and ESCOs with their specialization being in in commercial building engineering studies.

For more information about BLUE Energy Group, its processes and candidacy, as well as additional facts regarding 179D, visit BLUE Energy Group's website or call 866-346-7992.

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BLUE Energy Group works with clients all across the United States to help them take advantage of the 179D tax deductions granted to building owners and designers of energy efficient systems. BLUE Energy's clients include architects, engineers, energy service companies (ESCOs), accounting firms, and building owners who seek to take advantage of the tax benefits currently allowed under Section 179D of the Internal Revenue Code, related to energy efficient buildings.