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Blue Key World 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee Revised to 90-Day Moneyback Policy for Satisfying Buyers


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2017 -- Blue Key World, a technological innovations company which makes tiny but utilitarian products for offices and households, recently announced that their double cable clips and other cord management tools now come with full 90-day moneyback guarantee. The owners of the tech and innovations company claimed that the 90-day moneyback guarantee is a part of their revised customer relationship management policy, as the company used to offer 30-day moneyback guarantee on all of their products until very recently.

The cable clips and double cable clips which the company offers now are ergonomic and eco-friendly, the owners claimed. Household cable organization is a tricky job for most homeowners as they often create a mess on their work desk and eventually misplace their important belongings.

A senior executive of Blue Key World said that the 90-day moneyback guarantee will help their customers get the best value for their money. They said that the buyers do not have to regret their purchasing decisions as they will have ample time from now on to get full refund for the products which they do not like by simply contacting the customer support team of Blue Key World.

The sales head recently appeared in a press conference where he claimed that cord management now comes easier for their customers with the introduction of the new double cable clips available at In addition to that, they can now be rest assured that they can get full refund within 90 days without any obligation on the parts of their customers. "Increasing the 30-day cool-off period to 90 days is a strategic business decision as we wanted to ensure highest customer satisfaction", he said during a press conference held at their headquarters.

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Blue Key World is dedicated to helping homeowners in getting nothing but the best solution. Best of all, we have a reputation for delivering true durability, proven quality and tested usability through our products to help every person acquiring the best solution for everyday living.

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