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Blue Key World Cable Clips Wins the Prestigious Amazon's Choice Badge


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2017 -- Blue Key World Cable Clips, a product which has gained much popularity since its launch on Amazon ecommerce portal, recently won the Amazon's Choice badge. The product which was recently unveiled in the market has already garnered positive reviews from buyers. The Amazon rating system is generally based on several factors, including the aggregation of positive reviews given by Amazon users. Customers praised the flexibility the cable clips offer in terms of keeping wires and cables arranged.

The owners of Blue Key World said that the wire clips are perfect for almost all major items like chargers, USB cables, headphones or other accessories. While announcing the news, Blue Key Owners said that advanced cable management is integral to cable organization in modern workplaces. "We have always been optimistic about the market reception of our products. We understand how customers face immense issues when it comes to keeping the endless number of cables and wires properly. Devising this effective wire clips was no doubt a much-needed job," said a senior official of Blue Key World.

Now that the product has been named as Amazon's Choice, the company attributes the success of the cord management tool to its loyal customers. "Ours is one of the top-rated companies in the world and we pride in our quality of services, which is exactly why customers have retained their faith in us. For example, the cord clips are made of the finest, long-lasting, eco-friendly and certified plastic which ensures longevity of cables. When you have such high end features, why would you seek for some other cord organizer," added the official.

The cord clips which have been designed for seamless wire management are also available on the official website of Blue Key World apart from Amazon. However, the owners said that the products can be availed at cheaper price on Amazon.

About Blue Key World
Blue Key World is dedicated to helping homeowners in no less than the best solution. The manufacturer of kitchen and household items is known for delivering true durability, proven quality and tested usability. The company is known to its customers for providing everyday solutions in an innovative way.

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