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Blue Key World Now Offers 90-Day Moneyback Guarantee to Buyers of Cable Clips


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2017 -- Blue Key World, a company which has its special suit in designing and manufacturing ergonomic and innovative kitchen management and office desk management tools and contrivances, recently started offering full 90-day moneyback guarantee to their customers. The owners said that customers who buy cable clips from them can now be rest assured about the full value of their money as the company is now committed and liable to give refund for any faulty product within the specified category within the 90-day cool-off period.

Earlier, Blue Key World used to offer 30-day moneyback guarantee on all of their products, including the cable management tools. However, the owners thought that 30-day moneyback guarantee was not enough and increased the moneyback assurance period to 90 days so as to ensure that nobody regrets buying cord management tools from them. As of now, the offer is available on all of their products, including the cord clips and double cable clips. The owners believe that the 90-day moneyback guarantee will reaffirm the customer's trust in them.

The cable clips offered by Blue Key World helps the end users in keeping their work desks clean and organized. One of the top executives of the company said that the new offer emboldens their commitment to their customers. He said that they will bring in more innovation in their cable management products in the coming days and added that the cord clips are the latest models that they have to offer to their customers now.

The eco-friendly and long lasting products from Blue Key World will help their users in saving time and increase the service life of their cords and cables. The company is also offering free shipment for customers who order four sets of cable clips available at or more.

About Blue Key World
Blue Key World is dedicated to helping homeowners in getting nothing but the best solution. Best of all, we have a reputation for delivering true durability, proven quality and tested usability through our products to help every person acquiring the best solution for everyday living.

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