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Blue Key World's Cable Clips Help Increase Office Efficiency


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2017 -- Just about all offices depend on cables for essentials such as electricity and data, Key World's Cable Clips is the perfect solution for keeping such cables functional, safe and organized that will help increase office efficiency.

Blue Key World is a brand founded in 2014 with a goal of creating and providing functional products to their customers. Blue Key World's Cable Clips create a sturdy and eco-friendly cable organizer.  The company understand that everyone wants to pull their hair out in frustration while trying to detangle and differentiate computer cords. Similarly, when we talk about to perform or replace routine performance on network equipment, the last thing a person want to be faced with its digging through a huge web of identical cables to find the one they need. Products like Blue Key World's Cable Clips take the guesswork away through identifying every cord, and save a person's precious time for more meaningful task.

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Blue Key World's Cable Clips are ideal for every surface like plastic, wood, glass and rubber. For only a mere of seconds, users of this cable clips can stick and peel the item for quick use. The cable clips are heavy duty and long lasting because of its cable organizer, any user can easily gain comfort and increase their office efficiency. According to Melissa Anne, one of the avid and satisfied customers of the Blue Key World's Cable Clips, she said, "Super convenient to use when dealing with multiple cords. I use these on my nightstand where I have my tablet and two phones sitting. My cords were always getting tangled together. These worked perfectly to take care of that problem. My charging cords are much more organized now and when I unplug my devices the cords stay on the nightstand instead of falling to the ground! Sample provided for testing and review."

Cable organizers are not exactly we can call sexy; however, they are very important. Luckily, they are cost effective too. There is only a lot of ways to organize the cable in the office, from the standard fastening ties to superior desktop organizers.

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About Blue Key World
Founded in 2014, Blue Key World is a retailer and a company provider of computer and cell phone accessories on The goal of the company is to offer products, which makes the lives of their customer free from any hassle and save time.

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