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Blue Key World's Double Cable Clips Sales Increased


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2017 -- Blue Key World's Double Cable Clips' sales have increased, it shows how big its demand on the market is. Blue Key World's Double Cable Clips have proven that a simple cable clip can be a big help in homes and offices.

Blue Key World is a company that has been bringing essentials that are capable of making homes and offices organized. The founder of the company has experienced the inconveniences that wires bring both at home or while working. Because of this, he was able to create a product that helps in keeping all wires in place and will never be the cause of distractions. Blue Key World portfolio is available on Amazon in

Blue Key World's Double Cable Clips hold the wire firmly to avoid it from slipping to the floor as we see in many places. The double cable clips are perfect for all types of surfaces, from wood to metal, from glass to plastic. Its ease of usage is also one of the best things that users can find the product as it can ready to use in a few seconds in any surface.

Details about the double cable clips features can be found on:

The increase of sales will allow Blue Key World to invest in other solutions that will make life of customers easier everyday having planned to launch in the next weeks a cable sleeve solution.

Readers can search the product at and avail free shipping through Amazon Prime:

About Blue Key World
Blue Key World is dedicated to helping homeowners in getting nothing but the best solution. Best of all, we have a reputation for delivering true durability, proven quality and tested usability through our products to help every person acquiring the best solution for everyday living.

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