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Blue Mountain Podiatry Announces Inclusion of the High-Tech Digital Diagnostic Tool, GaitScan, to the Practice's Services


Faulconbridge, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Dr. David Logue, principal podiatrist at Blue Mountain Podiatry, announced that the practice is now offering examinations and assessments using the innovative new GaitScan™ technology. The diagnostic tool provides patients with a 3D digital analysis of the affected area that also shows the impact on other parts of the body.

The digital technology utilizes a super sensitive pressure pad to assess the individual in just 10 minutes. GaitScan™ eliminates the need for old-fashioned plaster castings. Thoroughly modern orthotics are created using a wide array of materials to accommodate clients’ lifestyle and comfort, based on findings obtained by the equipment.

The clinic offers an array of cutting edge technologies to help diagnose problems. Logue’s extensive experience allows him to quickly develop a treatment plan designed to alleviate patients’ pain and return them to the activities they enjoy. He treats a comprehensive array of common and complicated maladies, and provides corrective and supportive orthotics.

All orthotics are specially created for the individual’s weight, activity level and individual diagnosis. The devices improve posture and stability, decrease stress on the affected body part and improves functionality. The specialized foot supports are designed to be worn discreetly inside the patient’s normal footwear.

Orthotics can alleviate pain caused by problems with the heel, arch and Achilles tendon, along with corns, calluses and pain on the ball of the foot. A foot problem can have detrimental effects on the leg, knee, hip and back. Logue provides orthotics to alleviate pain in those areas, and provide relief from inflammation, degenerative and deterioration conditions.

Logue treats the needs of adults and children. Youngsters are susceptible to a number of problems that can result in pain, an awkward gait and more extensive problems as an adult if left untreated. From ingrown toenails and flat feet to fractures and tendon problems, clients can utilize the GaitScan™ technology to accurately assess issues relating to bone, tendon and muscle conditions.

The practice provides patients with deep tissue massage, dry needling and footwear advice, along with stretching and exercise programs to improve flexibility and improve range of motion. Diabetic patients have very specific needs and Logue specializes in the management of diabetic related problems.

Fans can follow the podiatry practice on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. New patients can receive a free 3D gait analysis with every biomechanical assessment and can obtain more details about the special offer by visiting the practice’s website.

About Blue Mountain Podiatry
Blue Mountain Podiatry provides patients with in-depth assessments and exams utilizing the digital GaitScan™ technology. Logue treats multiple problems and disorders and provides clients with custom orthotics to correct multiple issues and alleviate pain, allowing individuals to return to their normal range of activities.

Located at Shop 2, No. 9 St. George’s Crescent in Faulconbridge, the practice can be reached by phone at 02 4751-7583 or at the Leura office at 02 4784-3011, located at No. 9 Grose St. Leura. For more information, visit the website at

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Blue Mountain Podiatry
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