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Blue Shield of California Refunds $167 Million to Policyholders, Emplicity to Help With PEO Services


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2011 -- This summer, Blue Shield of California announced that they would refund $167 million to policyholders as part of a new promise to limit profits at 2 percent of revenue.

The credits from the Blue Shield Refunds were given in October to individual policy holders and group plans. Employers who pay part of the premiums for their employees were asked to decide what they should do with the funds.

A spokesperson for Blue Shield of California estimated that for employer-based group plans, the average credit was $110-$130 per employee. For individual plans, the average credit was $80 for a single person and $250 for a family of four.

Blue Shield insures 3.3 million people in California, including about 241,000 in Orange County.

While some owners of small to mid-sized businesses were finding it confusing to know what to do about the Blue Shield refunds, those who were working with Emplicity and its extensive professional employer organization services were able to handle the situation easily.

For 16 years, Emplicity has helped small and mid-sized business owners in California and Texas with flexible and cost-effective human resources outsourcing and professional employer organization services.

Getting assistance with employee management solutions, including workers compensation and employee benefits, can be extremely helpful for business owners, who are already busy enough with the day to day details of running a company.

“We operate as co-employer for your company's personnel. We assume administrative responsibility for your Human Resources and employment liability issues, such as payroll and payroll taxes, employee benefits and workers compensation,” an article on the company’s website explained.

“At the same time, you retain 100% control over the day-to-day management of your employees – giving you exceptional flexibility and efficiency, and freeing you to respond instantly to new opportunities and challenges.”

As a leading HR outsourcing company, Emplicity strives to work behind the scenes of the companies it works with. The staff at Emplicity can custom tailor a program of HR services that meet the requirements of any small to mid-sized business.

This means that if and when another insurance company decides to do what Blue Shield did and asks employers to decide how to distribute refunds to its employees, Emplicity will be there to help.

About Emplicity
For the past 16 years, Emplicity has brought simplicity to the world of employee management through its human resources outsourcing and PEO services. As a leading HR outsourcing company, Emplicity provides comprehensive human resources outsourcing solutions to small to mid-size companies in California and Texas. The full-service company offers businesses employee management solutions, including payroll administration, employee leasing, HR consulting and more. For more information, visit http://www.Emplicity.com