bluechipcare Announces Four Reasons to Rent a Wheelchair


Fall River, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- works with many clients looking to purchase medical equipment to suit their in-home health care needs. One category of item that is shopped for on a daily basis is wheelchairs. Although there are many features to consider when purchasing a wheelchair, the most common factor in the decision is price. Considering the cost of some wheelchairs, this makes a great deal of sense. That is why offers wheelchair rentals to clients as an option to purchasing, because sometimes renting makes more sense.

1. Temporarily Immobile

The key to knowing when to purchase or when to buy is tied up in one's personal situation. The first thing that needs asked is why the wheelchair is needed. Those who are temporarily immobile due to illness or injury only need a wheelchair for a short period of time while they are recovering from the accident or illness that leaves them unable to walk. In this case, a person should look at renting instead of buying to save money in the long run. But, there are other reasons for looking at wheelchair rentals as well.

2. Vacation Transport

Those who have minor mobility issues may need a wheelchair only on special occasions, such as when they go on short trips or longer vacations. Finding a comfortable wheelchair to rent will help people who can walk short distances get through the airport easier. A collapsible wheelchair can wend its way through the red tape and travel obstacles of an airport terminal and travel with its user to their destination. Once at the destination, having a wheelchair will open up a broader area, allowing someone with limited mobility the chance to get out into the public and explore for longer periods of time without getting tired.

3. Try Before You Buy

Another great reason to rent a wheelchair is to try it before buying. Too often people who find themselves in need of personal transportation don’t take the time to research the wheelchair they really need. There are a wide variety of wheelchairs on the market, both manual and electric-powered. All of them have strikingly different features and levels of control. It can be a complicated decision to make. The best way to research a wheelchair is to drive it around for a month. Those looking to buy a wheelchair should try out a few models that they think they will like before making their decision.

4. Power Wheelchair/Scooter Breakdowns

Those who already own an electric wheelchair or scooter know that they are prone to breakdown at some time or another. Like all electronic devices, they have moving parts, and no matter how well they are cared for, they will malfunction on occasion. When they do, it's often a good idea to sit out the repair time in a rented wheelchair. is an advocate for wheelchair rentals and the problems they can solve at affordable prices. After serving the residents of MA, CT, RI and NH for years, it’s clear that renting has advantages over purchasing in many scenarios. So take the time to see if renting is right for you.

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