bluechipcare Offers a Wide Selection of Powered Wheelchairs and Electric Wheelchairs


Fall River, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2012 -- In the world of wheelchairs, it's easy to become overwhelmed when trying to choose the right one. There are so many brands, styles and types, not to mention the way they look and, most importantly, feel. But, you can't choose a wheelchair on comfort alone and since powered wheelchairs are basically personal electric vehicles, it’s important to know as much about them as possible as you are searching for the right one to buy before you pay a lot of money.

This is why offers a wide selection of powered wheelchair and electric wheelchair options, as well as trained staff to help you sift through the details to come out with the chair that is right for you. Because purchasing a powered wheelchair is a big decision and one that should not be taken without having full knowledge of what is available and how they all differ.

For most people, picking a good powered wheelchair starts with cost. It's natural. Everyone wants to make sure that their dollars are working hard, since they have worked hard to earn them. And, electric wheelchairs are not cheap by any means, but has worked hard over the years to assemble a variety of wheelchairs in a broad spectrum of prices ranging from affordable to top-of-the-line, luxury comfort models. Ensuring that you choose from the right price range is important, because you don't want to overpay for something that you don't necessarily need.

Once you do determine your price range, you will be pleased to find a great selection of powered wheelchairs still within your means. has many brands to choose from that all offer a unique experience. From fun and feisty, to strong and durable, you can easily find a chair that reflects your lifestyle and needs.

Chairs like the Jazzy 1113 ATS (from Pride) provide stability in a compact and adorable package. At the higher end of the scale this ultimate chair has a fully programmable controller, Active-Trac suspension for improved outdoor performance and comfort to spare. The controls are easy to use and the chair leaves the user facing upright and ready to take on the day. The Jazzy 1113 ATS is a star chair for a person who is serious about getting around.

A chair like the Jazzy Select Elite is more trim and fit than the 1113 ATS, but it provides a zip and a maneuverability that larger chairs just can’t compete with. Powered with front wheel drive and the ability to turn, go and cut corners, this chair is the perfect example of what we mean when we say freedom. And, this chair has a range of 15 miles per charge, so add distance to the “pro” column if you’re keeping score.

The fact is that has the electric wheelchair that you need to make your day full of excitement. We understand that our customers nationwide want a chair that fits their active lifestyle. Something that not only gives freedom and mobility, but also expresses who they are in the world. Visit to find the chair for you today.

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