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Fall River, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2012 -- There are many reasons a person might not be self-mobile, but there is no reason they can't get around. At we not only offer a wide array of electric and non-electric vehicles to help you overcome a physical disability that leaves you less mobile, but we also rent electric scooters to suit your needs.

A traditional wheelchair provides a stable and easy-to-use vehicle to get from one place to another. By far, the most popular way for people with mobility impairments to get around is through the use of an electric or hand-powered wheelchair. At, we understand the importance and utility of a good wheelchair. However, wheelchairs can also be stifling and not as easy to use as a conventional electric scooter.

For people who can still walk, but maybe just not as far, an electronic scooter rental is an ideal solution. Scooters are easy to assemble and disassemble. A big consideration for someone older who may not have the lower and upper body strength to lift themselves up and out of a chair. In fact, an electric scooter sits much higher than a typical wheelchair, giving the user less distance to push up when getting off of the scooter.

Many electric scooters give you a better view of the world. Because you sit more upright and are higher off the ground than with a typical wheelchair, you are able to move your head and arms more freely. The openness of a scooter lends it to being a favorite in public places where you are able to shop and reach for items more easily then when in a wheelchair. Because its size is a bit thinner than other electric vehicles, you are also able to go places in an electric scooter that other, larger wheelchairs just can't fit into.

Electric scooters also have a higher carrying capacity, which makes them great for going to the store, moving around town, and especially on vacation. Many of today’s electric scooters have baskets on the front and even on the back. These baskets give the user a place to set items as they roll around the Saturday market or through the local pharmacy or department store.

Scooter rentals are very popular for people who are taking a vacation. The word “scooter” screams vacation much more than the term wheelchair. In reality though, a scooter is just a faster and more maneuverable vehicle for those people who have a harder time getting around. offers scooter rentals as a means to aid our customers in meeting their daily needs. We also thinks it provides a chance for those interested in how electric scooters work to try one first hand. Our rental program serves our customers in MA, CT, RI and NH. We want to help you stay mobile, because to us, independence and freedom shouldn't just be for the young, but also for the young at heart. Visit today for more information.

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