Joe Bragg Facilitates Organisational Culture Change and Management Development to Improve Business Performance


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2012 -- As businesses go through times of growth and transition, they often require a higher level of support to develop managers and teams to grow along with them. Without the right professional support, businesses can fail to achieve the structure and cohesiveness necessary to move forward successfully. is one website gaining a reputation for its team of Occupational Psychologists specializing in organisational culture change and management development. The consultants are widely considered experts in the field of psychology and act as global business partners, helping clients to develop their managers, teams and entire organisations.

In additional to consultant services in management development and organisational culture change, recently announced its new Leadership Brain Development Program. The programme applies insights from the latest neuroscience research to the workplace and shows business clients how to take advantage of the brain’s capabilities, using them to enhance personal effectiveness and organizational performance. Site visitors can learn more about this new program by selecting the Leadership Brain tab in the header.

Visitors to the site can gain an insight into Blue Edge’s skill set with a full break down of the team behind the business in the key people tab of the site. Also featured on the site is a whole host of blue chip businesses that have used Blue Edge’s services, these include multinational corporations like Santander and Panasonic. provides a breakdown of the key services Blue Edge can provide including the leadership brain development program, cultural assessment and change plus various management development programs and coaching.

The site also features a plethora of high quality editorial content via a blog. The blog is regularly updated and features content on organisational culture change and management development as well as providing the latest updates on news and upcoming Blue Edge conferences.

About is a team of Occupational Psychologists specializing in organisational culture change and management development. Combining cutting-edge brain science research with decades of practical expertise, is dedicated to delivering long-term systemic change to drive-up business performance and success. The extensive editorial content and user-friendly site navigation make the ideal choice for businesses seeking to develop managers, teams and entire organisations.

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