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Blueline Products Features Latest Energy Boosting Double Combo Pack; Advantage and B12/B UP Contain Ingredients That Provide Instant Boost of Energy

Blueline Products introduces Energy Boosting Formulas, with the release of a powerful combo pack of the Advantage Adrenal Support Formula and B12/B UP Energy Boost Drops. A dynamic combo pack supports the function of Adrenal Glands and stimulates your body to produce energy.


Herriman, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- creates war against exhaustion by offering a Special Boost of Energy. The Energy Boosting Combo is available at an unbeatable discount for a limited time. The potent combo is helpful for correcting and increasing the function of Adrenal Glands and to boost energy levels. The Advantage Adrenal formula contains an all-natural blend of herbs that balances, supports, and rebuilds the adrenal glands. The unique herbal combination of Advantage Adrenal Formula are specially designed to provide various functions to improve mental focus and memory; relieve from stress and anxiety; relax the nerves, and to rebuild the nervous system. This formula contains important nutrients, minerals and plant vitamins that help to sustain the adrenal components, stabilize the function of the autonomic nervous system, and contribute to an overall state of wellness.

People experience fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, weakened immune system, burn-out, low physical and mental energy while on weight loss programs. All these symptoms indicate a type of adrenal exhaustion. If one develops illness during a diet, they’ll quit the diet. Blueline’s Adrenal Formula contains 8 herbs including trace minerals that yield incredible results when used in combination.

B12/B Up is an energy boosting formula that increases mental alertness and work performance. Intake of few drops of B12 Formula relieves from exhaustion by stimulating the body to produce unlimited energy. It quickly helps to fend off stress and anxiety. It promotes digestion; protects against heart disease, high cholesterol, certain cancers, depression, high blood pressure and stroke; and contributes to the health of red blood cells, nails, hair and skin.

One can access more information about the ingredients of Advantage and B12/B Up energy boosting products on their website:

About Dave G Smith and Bluelineproducts
Dave G Smith, CEO, is committed for fulltime in performing a thorough product research before delivering the best proven nutriceuticals to the customers. Currently, Blueline Products has set a strong milestone by releasing the most effective weight loss products and by adding the Powerful energy boosting Combo to its list of weight loss formulas. Public can expect many more highly efficient products in the upcoming future.

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