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Bluenose Country: Alluring New Novel Gives Rare Literary Insight Into Personalities & Culture of Canada's Maritime Provinces

Masterfully crafted by Mortimer Levy, ‘Bluenose Country’ whisks readers to a small Nova Scotia town as five women fight to overcome tragedy. However, this is so much more than a story of adversity; Levy’s narrative serves as a showcase of the Maritime Provinces and the resilient characters that live there. While Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are unfamiliar to most in North America, this compelling novel gives the reader an insight into their unique culture.


Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2014 -- While Canada’s Maritime Provinces are relatively small and ‘out of the way’, author Mortimer Levy is one of the many who believe they are the most under-rated segment of Canada and its society. In his gripping and insightful debut novel, Levy takes readers to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, not only to learn about their unique cultures and people – but to gain a new understanding of the sacrifices humanity makes in its quest for survival.

‘Bluenose Country’ will satisfy fans of fiction, travel and culture. Above all, readers will discover that the human condition is always made stronger through mutual support, respect and love.


Bluenose Country follows the intersecting lives of five women, each of whom has survived devastating experiences. As they and their families meet the challenges of same sex marriage, Down Syndrome, sexual assault and homicide, they must learn to balance their modern lives with their traditional upbringings. In the face of close-mindedness, violence and the unrelenting march of time, the residents of this small Nova Scotia town come to learn the value of family and to understand that love must, eventually, conquer all.

“Stories of the overcoming of adversity are not rare in fiction, but the inhabitants of the Maritimes do have a unique way of approaching life’s challenges. The region’s tenacity and hospitality is legendary, even though it may be unfamiliar to most. Maritimers have made sacrifices for centuries. Sacrificing their lives while fighting foreign battles and the cruel and challenging North Atlantic fishing grounds are all part of their history.

Humanity has overcome life’s challenges, however tragic, by drawing strength from the love and encouragement of their loved ones. The five women in my book experience unimaginable adversity, but they still uphold traditional family values while adapting to the modern living practices required in getting them through their plight."

Feedback for the novel has been positive. The eminent book reviewer, Robert Adams (TV Ontario) wrote; "I read your novel in one sitting-with much pleasure; difficult issues are handled with kindness and sensitivity." Silvia comments, “....it is a great read, it’s got everything; I could not put the book down.."

Jill Jeffery states, “I found the book to be one of those novels where you stay up at night to see what is happening next. Very enjoyable!”

‘Bluenose Country’, published by FriesenPress, is available now: http://amzn.to/1wslkNT.

For more information, visit the publisher’s official website: http://bit.ly/1qua695.

About Mortimer Levy
Mortimer Levy was born and educated in Montreal. He is an alumnus of McGill University and Université de Montréal, His short story writings have been published.