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BluePi - A Reliably AWS Partner Company for Cloud Migration

Enterprises can rely on BluePi for migrating to cloud services. An AWS partner, they have the resources for connecting the existing IT infrastructure with the cloud.


Gurgaon, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- BluePi, a partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), can be trusted for offering full range of cloud computing services. Thanks to their extensive skillset, they can deliver, taking complete care of the process, along with implementation and security risks. They also specialize in services such as Product Engineering, Application Development, Agile Product Development, Grails Services and Outsourced Product Development.

As one of the executives with BluePi said, “Our one and only focus is customer success, and to help customers succeed we believe in building a strong partnership with them to get the work done. Agile and XP methodologies provide a modern day mindset for product development that focuses on doing things fast and doing them right. We practice the Agile methodologies pragmatically on a daily basis. XP programming practices are something that infuse trust and confidence in the software we are building and we are strong evangelists of these techniques.”

Besides the Agile methodologies used in custom software development, BluePi offers considerable expertise in the areas of Hadoop and Big Data, Mobile Application Development, Performance Engineering, Social Presence, and Cloud Computing. All these areas are at the forefront of the most modern techniques being practised in Information Technology these days.

“As a trusted partner and one of the leading cloud computing companies in India, we begin with an assessment of your current system. Our team then has a comprehensive discussion with clients to provide them with a staged roadmap for migrating them to cloud computing. Right from the development of the plan to its implementation, we assure you of close personalized assistance,” commented the executive.

To be able to offer the cutting edge services that BluePi does, it is necessary to have highly skilled developers and consultants on staff who keep abreast of current trends and emerging technologies in the world of IT. That is why any company that is considering an upgrade to more modern computing techniques, or wishes to install rock-solid customized software should first consult with BluePi company about their needs.

About BluePi
BluePi is a very tech-savvy company in its own right, employing developers that have extensive experience working on the platforms like Java/J2EE and Ruby/Rails, as well as next generation platforms like Play! Framework. For businesses considering outsourced product development outsourced product development, especially in the areas of Financial Services, Insurance, and e-Commerce, BluePi should be one company at the top of the list.The company’s business partnership with Amazon Web Services business partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) also provides them with the advantage of having the considerable resources of AWS available.

Contact Information:

Address: 610, Tower A
Unitech Business Zone, Nirvana Country,
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Phone: +91-98186-97707