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Even Yehuda, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 --, an Internet publisher for the electric power and energy industry, just published an article by Shlomi Palas, CEO of Bluesphere Corporatio n. Bluesphere is an energy company that develops, manages and owns clean tech waste-to-energy projects.

The article is titled, “Post State of the Union Address – Waste-to-Energy addresses all of the President’s Issues on Environment”. In the article, Palas points out that clean-energy advocates have increasingly called on the president to ditch his agnostic “all of the above” approach to energy policy and embrace what they say is a “best-of-the-above” energy policy.

One technology in the “best-of-the-above” category riding a huge wave that is sweeping the US is Waste-to-Energy. Waste-to-Energy converts waste that would normally go into landfills into clean energy. It is in its very early stages of adoption in the U.S. There is demand for Waste-to-Energy from municipalities and some of the largest companies are investing in the segment.

Bluesphere is about to break ground on its first Waste-to-Energy facility in the U.S. The facility is backed by $17.8 million in project financing from Caterpillar and over $6 million from a clean-tech fund. Major electric utility companies Duke Energy and National Grid have signed long term power purchase agreement with Bluesphere. Waste-to-Energy technology tackles and solves three major issues which are mentioned in Obama’s speech:

- Waste-to-Energy reduces carbon pollution

- It reduces the amount of waste going into landfills

- And it contributes to Obama’s target to reduce the use of fossil oil as we generate green electricity

As a result of the President’s focus and supporting budgets, the U.S. is beginning to see a tectonic movement in a global multimillion industry and Waste-to-Energy is at the forefront of it.

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About Blue Sphere Corp
Blue Sphere Corporation is an energy company that develops, manages and owns waste-to-energy projects in the $6 billion global waste-to-energy market. Blue Sphere generates electricity from biogas derived from organic waste, which is mostly food waste, and sells this electricity to leading electric companies through long-term power purchase agreements. The Company has contracts with Caterpillar which is providing $17.8 million in non-dilutive project financing, and Duke Energy and National Grid which have both signed contracts to purchase electricity produced by Blue Sphere. The Company is building anaerobic digestion projects in the U.S which transform food waste into energy. There are only 202 of these anaerobic facilities in the entire U.S., as compared to 7,000 in Germany alone. Growth in the waste-to-energy market in the U.S. is driven by state and federal bans on putting organic waste into landfills and the need and demand for green renewable energy. For more information, log on to