Joe Bragg Chooses the Best Bluetooth Headphones Currently Available in Australia


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Bluetooth technology is removing the world’s dependence on wires. Today, Bluetooth technology is included on many smartphones and laptops, making it easy for users to connect Bluetooth mice, keyboards, gaming peripherals, and headsets.

But with so many different Bluetooth peripherals on the market, it can be difficult for the average consumer to find the perfect fit for their needs. has been gaining a lot of attention for helping consumers with that problem. At, visitors will find detailed information about choosing one specific type of Bluetooth peripheral: Bluetooth headphones.

As a spokesperson for the website explains, was born out of a love for both music and convenience:

“When listening to music on my phone, I was sick of getting my earbud wires tangled. It was especially annoying at the gym, where jogging with long wires dangling from my ear practically became a health hazard. After buying a good pair of Bluetooth headphones, I’ve never looked back. They’re an easy way to simplify life and leave hands free at all times of the day.”

At the homepage of, visitors will find a brief explanation of Bluetooth headphones and their unique advantages. The website explains that people don’t need to remove their headphones when they briefly walk away from the computer, for example, nor do they have to worry about wires becoming tangled in their pocket or bags.

And once visitors are ready to learn more about different types of Bluetooth headphones, the site explains how to compare different pairs with one another. The spokesperson explains some of the qualities visitors should look out for:

“Bluetooth headphones vary widely in terms of quality and durability. Consumers need to look at the size of headphones that they wish to buy along with their range – how far will the user be from their smartphone or computer while wearing the headphones? Is a long battery life important?”

Some Bluetooth headphones have a range of up to 30m and last for 10 hours, while others won’t work more than a few feet away from a computer. Meanwhile, extra features – like the ability to pause music for incoming calls or texts – are also important to many users.

Instead of just listing general information about Bluetooth headphones, the website also reviews specific types of headphones, including Bluetooth headphones offered by Motorola, LG, and other major audio companies. Each review explains the unique benefits of the headphones along with a link to the product’s current sale price at Amazon.

About compares and reviews the best Bluetooth headphones available on the market today. The website includes reviews of a number of different Bluetooth headphones along with links to sale pages for each product. For more information, please visit: