BluMarble Launches Brand New Website to Celebrate Their Birthday on October 6th

BluMarble has created a whole new website to meet the new demands on their business in time for their birthday on October 6th, with new sections and products displayed in a stunning new way.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2015 -- Upcycling is a process of taking something that is old and discarded and making it beautiful and useful again. BluMarble has specialized in this since its inception, turning drinks bottles into works of art. They have gone from strength to strength, saving over 15,000 bottles a month from landfill and giving them homes in hotels, casinos and golf courses. Their company's latest anniversary has just rolled around, prompting them to create a new website to play host to a new range of items and features, helping them take their business forward into the future.

The website is beautifully designed and fully responsive, flexibly resizing to any screen size. It uses the very latest techniques and approaches combined with stunning imagery of the products themselves and a seamless e-commerce interface to make buying beautiful goods easier than ever.

A new wholesale portal has been created for wholesalers to order their custom rocks glasses, tumblers more quickly and conveniently through the website at the same great wholesale rate as before. In addition to helping people buy in new ways, there are also new things to buy, including a range of upcycled and #consciousculture wedding gift ideas which can be seen by following BluMarble on Pinterest or liking BluMarble on Facebook.

A spokesperson for BluMarble explained, "We are thrilled to be celebrating another company birthday, and what a way to celebrate! The launching of this new website has effectively repurposed our online presence to meet the demands placed on our business by our increased success. We are also thrilled to be able to launch a new line of responsible wedding gifts, which offer the very best in artisan craftsmanship combined with social responsibility, to create timeless works that add character to any home."

About BluMarble
BluMarble is an upcycling company. BluMarble which is located in the heart of Las Vegas, takes in and cleans, cuts, sands and sometimes melts your favorite beer, wine and liquor bottles into works of art. They can create a rocks glass with a fun quote on it, take a wine bottle and turn it into a vase, a cheese plate or nut dish. BluMarble was named one of the Top Brilliant 100 companies by for 2015.

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