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BluTech Lenses Protect Eyes from the Dangers of Digital Technology Now Available from Berryessa Optometry, in San Jose


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2016 -- In its natural form, healthy doses of blue light from the sun act to regulate the body's circadian rhythm and keep energy levels and emotional moods on an upswing. Yet overexposure to artificial blue light is a modern-day threat in our high-tech lives. At Berryessa Optometry, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, blue light is an occupational hazard for many local patients, and BluTech Lenses offer an effective solution to provide comfortable, safe vision.

Computers, tablets, LED backlights, cell phones and flat-screen TVs all depend upon advanced blue light technology. As summer winds down, people are spending more time indoors staring at these digital screens – and being bombarded with large quantities of blue light rays on a daily basis. As a result, many medical experts are raising the issue of potential health risks and long-term safety for eyes. Dr. Thomas Lim and Dr. Hung Mac, of Berryessa Optometry, have shown a special interest in the hazards of blue light from increased screen time.

Blue light has the shortest, high-energy wavelengths of all visible light. As it typically flickers, digital eyestrain, eye fatigue and headaches may be caused. The blue light from electronic devices can also disrupt sleep cycles, especially when used in the evening, making it difficult to fall or stay asleep. In addition, the eye has built-in filters against many types of damaging light rays, yet these filters don't block blue light sufficiently. Studies demonstrate that prolonged exposure to blue light can increase the risk of retinal damage or macular degeneration for those who have a genetic predisposition. Other possible effects on the eyes include dry eye syndrome, blurry vision and trouble focusing.

Eye care professionals express concern that children, many of whom are constantly gazing at a television or hand-held electronic gadget, are at an even greater risk of damage from blue light. "Kids face the same dangers as adults, actually more – because a child's arms are shorter. An electronic device, such as an iPad, is held closer to their eyes than adults, and thus they have more intense exposure to blue light," says Dr. Lim, who was named California's Optometrist of the Year in 2013.

At Berryessa Optometry, BluTech Lenses are offered as a proven, cutting-edge solution to this contemporary problem. BluTech Lenses are constructed with a filter that blocks up to 70% of the negative blue light from the eyes. A customized filtering pigment is infused into the impact-resistant optical lenses. Affordable and available in prescription and nonprescription versions, soothing BluTech Lenses are worn indoors to safeguard the eyes against the artificial blue light emanating from digital devices.

Anyone who notices symptoms of eye irritation, fatigue, eye strain or headaches while spending time on the computer should be in touch with their qualified optometrist to schedule an eye exam and inquire about protective BluTech Lenses. At Berryessa Optometry, serving the areas of San Jose and Milpitas, CA, BluTech Lenses are offered in a selection of quality, designer frames.