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Bnei Baruch Organization Expands Globally

Bnei Baruch, an organization dedicated to sharing the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah with people around the globe, is expanding globally.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- For the seekers of Kabbalah wisdom, there is a good news that Bnei Baruch, the organization comprising eminent Kabbalists, is extending its reach and is ready to share the ancient knowledge with the people around the globe. Bnei Baruch has been organizing events and conducting lectures on Kabbalah in different countries including the USA. The mission of the organization is to solve the global issues by spreading the spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah not only in Israel but in other countries as well, so that the world peace can be achieved.

In an attempt to unite the whole world, each year Bnei Baruch organizes worldwide conferences. This time the conference is being held in the USA. Many nations are expected to take part in the conference and all of them will speak the same language of spirituality. The main aim of the conference is to lift up the spirits of the people without being concerned about the financial benefits. Kabbalists believe that by organizing such events, many people can come together and share the common platform. This will help to spread the word of Kabbalah faster than teaching Kabbalah through books alone.

The preparation of the biggest event is already underway and most of the members of Bnei Baruch are already planning for the main event and various programs taking place during the event such as "Meeting" where all the members of the organization sit in the circle and share their personal stories. During meeting all the members share unconditional love with each other. In recent years, the popularity of Kabbalah has increased and mainly due to Internet and TV shows conducted by famous kabbalists. The ancient and authentic wisdom of Kabbalah has been passed on to other countries as well and the whole world has realized the importance of new global thinking. Therefore, this conference is expected to get huge response from people of different countries.

For more details on conference and registration, please visit the website today.

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