Safe Harbor Haulers LLC Cautions the Public About the Hazardous Effects of Water Contamination Due Toxic Crude Oil Spillage from the Abandoned Kathryn Spirit Boat


Norcross, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2016 -- Kathryn Spirit, the abandoned boat near the City of Beauharnois, has given quite a stir as the rusting cargo boat loomed the possible risk of leaking massive liters of contaminated water. There is a possibility that the leaking water could end up in the St. Lawrence River.

The cargo ship is located and anchored near the town of Montreal's South Shore. For four years now, people living near the abandoned ship have been concerned about the possible effects of the cargo ship's impure water once it leaks to the river. In addition to this, the water was contaminated by the crude oil in its ballast.

It has been recently discovered that Kathryn Spirit was owned by the Mexican company; the ownership of the 150-metre-long vessel was renounced after going bankrupt. With this, all the pumping operations of the boat were stopped. This resulted to the abandonment of the boat's maintenance.

The City Mayor of Beauharnois, Claude Haineault, articulated the effects of rain and snow to the abandoned Kathryn Spirit. When the pumping operations of the ship ceased, the accumulation of snow and rain in the boat can eventually take a toll on the ship's body and start to deteriorate. According to the Mayor of Beauharnois, this is a very big environmental disaster that may happen in the city very soon.

In addition to this, Montreal will be the one of the most at risk city once the contaminated water ends up in the river of St. Lawrence. This is due the geographical location where the Kathryn Spirit was anchored. Unfortunately, the ship's location is in an environmental protection zone at Lake Saint Louis. It is the reservoir that supplies Montreal of their drinking water.

According to the city Mayor, it is only a matter of weeks before the situation gets out of hand. Boat movers along with the federal and provincial governments were asked to remove the said cargo ship for years – a call for help that the LaSalle Borough has supported. The Beauharnois Mayor has asked both areas of the government, the federal and the provincial, to address the issue and provide help to safely dispose the rusting old ship.

Transport Canada has reported that Kathryn Spirit is now in the jurisdiction of the Canadian Coast Guard. However, the coast guard has yet to return any calls. Boat movers have been notified in case of the old boat's disposal once has been decided. For the meantime, the City of Beauharnois is yet to feel threatened as Kathryn Spirit is still anchored in their Lake.

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