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Bob Revolution SE DUallie Stroller Review - One Stroller for Two Children


Namur, Belgium -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Having more than one kid means double the trouble. It can be especially hard for parents when they are out for a walk in the local park or shopping for groceries in the local supermarket. Of course, two separate strollers but that would require two separate people to push them. With the new Bob revolution SE Duallie stroller, parents will be able to manage much more with much less. The stroller is especially designed to seat two children on one pushchair, leaving one person free to run other errands while the other monitors the kids.

The Bob double stroller comes equipped with a front wheel that swivels to allow easy revolving capacity. Parents will be able to easily push around the stroller without wasting away too much energy. The flow is smooth and even. It will also be good for tougher and rougher terrain as it has superior maneuverability. It can also lock forward to let the controller jog while the push. The wheels have been especially designed with expert help to make sure that the person pushing the stroller is able to do other jobs and is not just constantly exerting away energy trying to maneuver the transport from here to there. It is also able to fit through standard doorways very easily.

The Bob revolution SE is very convenient for transport and storage as it can easily be folded in to two. It comes with an easy two step folding system and is also very light to carry around. The suspension system is adjustable so that the ride is not too bumpy. There is also an accessory adapter that makes the ride even more comfortable for the children. It allows a snack tray to be added on along with an infant car seat. The seat is adjustable and has high padding for comfort.

The Bob revolution stroller reviews have been extremely positive. It has a massive 4.5 stars out of a possible five star depending on two hundred and fifty-eight customer reviews. Many customers have said that they absolutely love the stroller. They have praised that the material is waterproof and is soft. However, what has impressed the customers the most has been the fact that the stroller is very easy to push around – even on rougher surfaces. It has been highly recommended by almost every reviewer.

The Bob revolution Duallie is available on Amazon for only $132 with free shipping and free returns. For more information, please visit: or watch:

About BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller
Ideal for parents and caregivers of multiple children, the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller offers a pivoting front wheel and a lightweight frame that's designed for two. The easy-to-fold frame and suspension system provide convenience and comfort that both you and your children will appreciate. And the stroller is packed with extra features like reclining seats and adjustable, multi-position canopies.

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