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Bob Rogers Announces the Release of His New Book The Laced Chameleon

After the successful reception of his first book “First dark”, comes bob roger’s second, a prequel titled “the laced chameleon” the project by kick starter is currently looking for backers


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- Bob Rogers, has come up with yet another book which is supposed to be a prequel in his series. The book titled “The laced chameleon” comes as a prequel to his last “First dark”. These books have been created with a vision to educate, entertain, and captivate the readers and are supposed to be followed by another prequel slated to be launched in June, which will be titled “sacrifice at Shiloh church”. The latest book has generated much hype, and is believed to have lived up to its name, just as “First hour” did.

In this prequel, Francesca the protagonist is trailed as she struggles with her life and her revenge against the assassin of her lover. It is the story of her journey in finding courage and battling all types of racial barriers. “The laced chameleon” is available in print and electronic form to be read and enjoyed on Nook, Kindle, Sony, iPads, and Kobo.

The project that has been started by kick-starter is currently looking to get a backing for their endeavors. The backers are required to support the professional editing as well as the book’s launch on multiple platforms at once. In addition to this, the book tours and fees for promotional venues are still needed. Therefore, the money from the backers is required to bring the book to the forefront. The launch of this book depends on whether or not the author and kick-starter can generate enough backers. The author has already made it clear, that it is possible that due to certain unforeseen events there will be minor snags and delays in launching the books.

To know more about the book, or to be a backer click here.

Backers will be rewarded for their generosity in the form of these books by the author Bob Rogers, signed and unsigned editions. Other rewards are posters and free electronic versions of all of these books based on the order of backing and contributions to the project.

About Bob Rogers
He is the author of First dark and is an Army veteran. A captain in the army, he worked as an IT professional after retirement for 33 years. He has a rich work profile including having worked at IBM. He found inspiration for his first book in a painting by Don Stivers. He lives in charlotte, in North Carolina.

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