Bob Willems Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Bring Back the Award-Winning Educational TV Series "So You Want to Be?"

An award-winning children’s educational television series, "So You Want To Be?" has been aired on Discovery and in syndication for over two decades. Creator Bob Willems is looking to raise $65,000 via Indiegogo to bring this great show back with thirteen new episodes.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2017 -- "So You Want To Be?" is an award-winning children's educational television series that was created in 1993, and sold to Discovery in 1997. The series was intended to teach kids about different career options, and was designated as CORE Programming by the FCC. Over the last twenty years, this program has reached millions of people across the globe via Discovery and in syndication. The twenty six episodes of the series have also been shown in many schools to their students, offering a unique teaching tool for the teachers.

"So You Want To Be?" has received an extraordinary response from people of all ages because of its fast-paced, fun and informative style. However, with changing times, kids of the present generation have taken an active interest in many new career avenues that didn't even exist in the 90s. Looking at the changing needs of these kids, Bob Willems has decided to bring back this great show in the form of thirteen new episodes. The new series will feature a wide range of career options including mobile app developer, airline and ship pilot, graphic designer, sports trainer, photographer, chef, virtual doctor, martial arts instructor, 3D printer, robotics engineer, and many other rewarding occupations both STEM and non-STEM related.

Bob and his team have already expended their resources for the re-launch of "So You Want To Be?" Now, they are in need of funding assistance to complete thirteen new episodes for TV broadcast and to create new Lesson Plans for the teachers. Funds raised via Indiegogo will be used for pre and post-production, film crew and hosts, marketing/promotion, etc. Adequate funding will also help create an interactive website and mobile app, providing in-depth coverage of each featured career, educational games, and much more.

The total funding goal for this project is $65,000. To find out more about this campaign, please visit

About "So You Want To Be?"
"So You Want To Be?' is an award-winning children's educational television series, designated as CORE Programming by the FCC that teaches kids about all different kinds of careers they may aspire to when they grow up. The show's primary target market is middle school students, but over the years the show has received tremendous positive feedback from people of all ages.