Bob's Hairy Monkey Balls Are Sweeping the Nation

The Chicago Treat has arrived and it is hairy, sweet and mouth-watering


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- Bob's Hairy Monkey Balls, ( the Chicago bakery treat, will now be available nationwide. Bob’s Hairy Monkey Balls are a shredded coconut covered cake ball dipped in three layers of frosting that seal in the creamy goodness of the soft interior.

Created by Bob Harvey, his delicious Monkey Balls may be acquired in both chocolate or vanilla or his famous mixed Monkey Balls Dozen-anza! Kosher Hairy Monkey Ball's can be produced for special orders.

Bob's Hairy Monkey Ball's are shipping to major outlets in cities across the country starting next week. Bob will be driving his new Tesla, with his Hairy Monkey Balls logo on each side, to major cities for kick-offs.

Bob's Hairy Monkey Ball's use only the finest baking ingredients from around the world.

Each one of Bob's sweet Hairy Monkey Balls is hand dipped and artisan crafted.

Fun for the whole family, it isn't easy to say no to Bob's Hairy Monkey Balls. Bob recommends bringing home a few dozen to hold off the surge.

Ask a gourmet grocer, or food store, to stock a commercial order of Bob's Hairy Monkey Balls. We Fed-ex them for extra fresh-ness.

Bob’s Bakery is a major producer and innovator of cookie and candy gifts, gift baskets and bouquets, is delighted to show Bob’s Hairy Monkey Balls in their town.

“Expertly hand crafted and decorated Bob’s Hairy Monkey Balls are a unique way to make your day a little sweeter, ” explained Randy Otus, Chief Confectionery Officer and “Senior Monkey Baller” at Bob’s, “With Bob’s Hairy Monkey Balls you can send a present that is often in good taste and will be certain to make an impression that ‘sticks’!”

Sticky and sweet, Bob’s Hairy Monkey Balls are hand crafted from freshly manufactured Rice Cereal, Butter, Kosher Marshmallow Fluff, Bourbon Vanilla, and meticulously decorated by hand in an array of white chocolate tinted in a rainbow of edible vivid colors. Designs are first sketched out by the company’s Head Art Architect- Vandoon Lemosier. She then functions with the Head Tasty Artists and Designers, Andrea Pasco and Gunter Humm, who together function to translate the paper artwork to delectable confectionery versions.

For custom orders, Bob’s Hairy Monkey Balls are made in little batches and pressed into copper ball cutters to yield all kinds of various shapes- from basic circles to santa faces and birthday cakes. They are then dipped and decorate employing a last fashion sheet which consists of the particular tint on the white chocolate- from vibrant yellows and purples to pastel pinks and blues.

“We feel the spirit within our Balls and want to bring forth the art that they inspire. Each one of Bob’s Hairy Monkey Balls is a blank ‘Creamy Canvas’- all ready to dip and decorate!” explained Wandy Jones who has been with the firm for 5 many years. “We dress Bob’s Hairy Monkey Balls up and decorate them so they look irresistibly cute- you dislike to eat ‘em but you cannot help yourself due to the fact they are soooooooo naughty good!”

Bob’s Hairy Monkey Balls are a whopping 6-8 ounces in fat every single serving.

Each one of Bob’s Balls is individually wrapped in clear cello and packaging choices consist of bags with bows, acrylic totes and just individually wrapped and ready to eat.

Custom original gifts feature Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Valentine patterns as well as Specific Events and Each day Styles which consist of a Content Face, Birthday Cakes and Balloons.

Given that getting additional on the website, there has been an overwhelming response to the item from resellers and shops expressing an interest in carrying Bob’s Hairy Monkey Balls . A significant upscale retailer has previously placed a firm PO for the goods for upcoming holiday product sales as properly as a major on-line giant who has just committed to carry these on their web site.

About Bob’s Bakery Goodies
Bob’s was founded in Chicago. His bakery was inspired by his father, a dying coal miner, who told him: “Bob, walk high and always share a little treat with your friends”. Bob is one of the foremost producers of Gourmet Bakery Exotics, Confections and Presents. Bob’s desserts have been appreciated in the Mayor’s office, The U.S. Senate, The Emmy’s and at many major league games. His kitchens are fully certified and all staff are compensated fairly and on an equal opportunity basis.

Wendy Luston