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Body Balance Introduces Total Body Sculpt Program


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- Body Balance is an online fitness, exercise and nutrition brand that seeks to motivate and educate people achieve their fitness goals. The creator of the Body Balance website and blog, Sarah Gearino, has recently introduced her flagship Total Body Sculpt Program that will help followers of the program attain a much fitter and sculpted body.

According to Sarah the Body Balance Total Body Sculpt Program is for most people looking for a healthier and fitter version of themselves, she believes diabetics trying to regulate blood sugar levels and increase metabolism, "Average Joes" trying to drop a few pounds of fat and gain lean muscle mass, or an athlete striving to reach their peak performance level, can all benefit from the new program. The program has been designed to be a complete 36 week suite with beginner, intermediate and advance levels of training and intensity of workouts. The different levels will allow followers to start at a pace they are comfortable with and progress as they proceed further in the program. The program covers nutrition and exercise on a monthly basis for 36 weeks. The details of workout plan and exercises are provided in video and PDF format. The nutrition in the program features low glycemic options, healthy recipes, etc.

Sarah has earned an Exercise Physiology college degree, and has been a fitness enthusiast since the age of 19, keeping people educated and motivated through her website and videos on Body Balance is her passion. Recently the website also featured a post about weight loss exercises for women which can be done at home, in her post Sarah explains the key factors to be kept in mind when women plan out their weight loss and muscle gain workouts at home. Sarah believes that with proper knowledge about how to set up their exercise sessions, women can achieve the same weight loss results (if not more) at home as in a gym. To learn more about Sarah's 5 Top Weight Loss Exercises For Women At Home and workout guidelines, please visit:

Body Balance also features much information about healthy nutrition that will support the exercise and workout plans suggested by Sarah to stay healthy Sarah's keen interest in the subject of nutrition and multiple years of research in Glycemic Index and Macronutrient balance, allows her to provide body balance followers practical information about low glycemic index diet, nutrition and recipes. Learn more at:

About Body Balance
Body Balance was created to be an educational and motivational tool for anyone who would like to achieve specific fitness goals and simply improve their quality of life. The purpose of Body Balance is to educate people on quality exercise and proper nutrition, stressing the fact that you must have a BALANCE between the two in order for success. For more information, please visit:

Sarah Gearino
Columbus, Ohio